Random Crap Saturdays: Run ons.

Posted: April 3, 2016 in Uncategorized
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Topic: golf
Reason: None
Excitement: WTF


I hope this doesn’t piss you off but today you will be driven crazy todays post has no grammar what so ever well maybe a little spelling but no comas or periods it’s the longest run on sentence ever and I couldn’t be happier but today does have a topic and the topic is golf
I don’t know anything about golf also I never played the game nor do I ever really want to play competitively it isnt something that I want to doo but if I had to choose one sport to play gold would be it there is something about hitting balls that makes me excited wait that sounded gay ah hell screw it
I would be the best golfer ever I would never be bad because I’m a damn king like I am at run ons and making English majors mad I feel like a rapper with all the grammar misses I have to stop this now bye guys

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