This is the best day of the year. What could be better than a day dedicated to pulling pranks on people? I love to play practical jokes on my friends and family. I like to plan these jokes in advance. I have been planning this one prank for the last week, simply waiting for this day, April Fools Day. I had every “i” dotted and every “t” crossed. I had my weaponry loaded, now I was waiting for a clear shot on my opponent, which was my workplace. I work at a pretty small restaurant, inside a Walmart. Our business has never been good, but it also hasn’t been this bad. The whole restaurant chain isnt doing well, since we are small, we haven’t been meeting targets. This was a perfect reason for our owners to shut the doors, and leave the employees without a job. That was the overall plan, to convince them our owners were shutting the doors for good.
The plan was to write a note and leave it on our security gate; so when the openers got in, they would see the note and freak out. My boss and I were there for inventory, so we would get to see and hear the initial reaction, and would be able to laugh it out with them. I spent last night writing a long note, acting as the owner, to tell them that he was sorry about closing the doors. The note was perfect, it was going to sell well. We just had to get it into the right hands, which is what happened.
There is this kid, Rick, that freaks out about small things. I appreciate him, he is a funny guy and is fun to mess with; that is why it was amazing that he got the note. He was the first one to work. When he got to the gate, one of the Walmart greeters told him that he needed to read the note. He opened the note and gave it a quick glimpse then gave the note over to the opening manager. The manager knew it was a joke. He knew that our owner wouldn’t leave such a note on the gate. He gave us the note, after giving us the note, we admitted to it being an April Fools. But as I thought the plan was spoiled, Rick came around the corner. He was clearly worried. He kept repeating the same thing “I can’t believe we are closing.” I laughed, as I thought he was going along with the joke, but then I realized, he truly believed the lie. He was now vulnerable to more of an attack. I wasn’t about to pass this opportunity up. I got together with my boss and came up with a follow up story, one that would make Rick freak out even more than he already was.
This is when we decided to come up with a list, a list of the people that would be transferred. Cleverly, my boss thought of a great idea. The only people that would be transferred would be managers, all the others would be giving a three-week notice. I laughed It out as I began to taunt him with the “news”. I could see the fear in his eyes, as he just was informed that he was no longer able to save his job. This was the start, though. I was still wanting to up the ante and get more people in on it. So when people would come in for their shift, I would tell them what we were doing, and they agreed to go along with it. This included freaking out about the news and throwing tantrums, until we sat him down to “fire” him. The prank got real fun when his replacement came into work. I hurried out to the lobby, and pulled each replacement to the side. I told them the story, and told them that we were coming up with a plan to “fire” everyone, I also informed them that they needed to freak out to the max.
During my conversation with the replacements, little did I know that my boss was scheming up a plan to make this kid cry. He got a employee roster and wrote down their “last day”, but put stars next to the names of people that were there for longer than six months, these people would be giving until the doors close to find a job. But there was a twist, an employee that was on probation (for a write-up) wouldn’t be giving this opportunity, but they would be the first to be fired; we decided to go this route, since the kid had just gotten back from a suspension. We wanted to get everybody hyped, so we got everyone together and informed them that our owner had giving us everyone’s last day, and told them that we would be talking to everyone, individually. Rick was the first on the list, so we asked him to come out into the lobby with us.
Rick, my boss, and I sat at one of the round tables, in the lobby. The look on Ricks face was priceless, he knew what was coming to him. He knew that he was the first one out. This made for a juicy grand finale, one that I hoped to make him cry. My boss shook his head and looked down at the roster. He began to tell him the reason for the note, and what it would mean for his future. I had to hold my mouth, as I was about to die from laughter. He explained that the owner wanted to give him three weeks, but since he was on probation, he decided to cut him first. His eyes were nearly watering, while he took all this in, but he stood tall and accepted it. My boss gave him the termination form, which read “April fools” at the bottom, after the explanation of the termination. Rick quickly signed the paper and told us that he would return his uniform tomorrow, as his lip trembled. We prompted him to read it over, again, which he did.
He jumped from the table and started to pace, after shouting. The whole restaurant exploded in laughter. Even customers were laughing after hearing a majority of the conversation. I walked to the back of the restaurant, dying from the laughter. The accomplices were standing in a line, waiting for a high five. I gladly slapped their hand while walking to the back. Rick came to the back and congratulated my boss and I on the prank. I gave him a high five, and walked out of the store. He followed. This is when I told him that the whole day was a prank, every second. He shook his head dumbfounded that he didn’t catch on. After all, what owner leaves a note on a closed gate?

This was the note:
Dear Walmart ——- Store #——,
It pains me to inform you, on April 1st, 2016, this will be the last month this store will be open.  Over the last few years, we have failed to meet the economic standards, it takes to keep the doors open. I recently talked to my financial advisor, and he told me that this store was holding me back. I recently talked to the co-owner, —— ——, and we came to the conclusion that this store was going to be closed. I wish I could have giving you great employees a longer notice, but I am sorry. But we might have a solution to the overall problem. When we found out we were closing; we decided on transferring five (5) of the current employees to go to three selected stores. Any other employees that aren’t picked will be giving a letter of recommendation, for future opportunities. The five employees were selected by a committee of managers in the origination. We were deeply saddened to announce we couldn’t save more jobs, yet we know, you will do great in anything you set up your mind to do.
As said before, We are deeply troubled to inform you this way, but we have a lot of work to do. We hope the transition is smooth, in finding your next job. If you have any questions, please call us at (217) 654-210. Have a great day.
Sincerely yours,
Charles Reymend

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