It’s time for a sneak peek.

Posted: March 27, 2016 in Uncategorized
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Tomorrow will begin the journey beyond the snow. It is the official beginning to the most thrilling story, I have ever wrote. I promise that this story will keep you entertained and thrilled, but also on your seat. You will feel for the characters and learn what it means to hate some characters. I am putting a lot of time into this story, so give me feedback when you can. I am proud to give you the sneak peek of the second episode:

“The people of Fairfield began to leave, one-by-one they were dying, so they thought it would be easier out on the road. They found out shortly after that it was more dangerous than they thought. The fact that everyone was leaving, caused the leader to question his sanity. This led to the leader, Dr. Grey, to begin executing the rest of the known survivors.”

This is the unedited form of this episode, and might change during the publishing process. But this will give you a nice little taste on what you should expect, tomorrow. I cant wait to share with you guys!


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