Is it true? Are Ariel and I actually getting divorced?

Posted: March 25, 2016 in Uncategorized
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I told you guys the other day about my mom and dad getting a divorce, and how it affected me. Today, I will  be answering a question, that I thought of as I was writing that post; Would I ever get a divorce?
Ariel and I have been married for almost two-years. That is crazy, since it felt like yesterday was the big day, but two-years have collapsed behind us. These last two years have been the easiest and hardest of my whole life. The beginning of our marriage was hard, since I got us kicked out of our house, which was to happen the day after our honeymoon. I thought at that moment, we were done. She didn’t want anything to do with me, she wouldn’t talk to me, and she was having her family pick her up from work. I knew this was the right reaction to the pain and stress, I put on her, but I was scared. I was scared that I just worked so hard to win her heart, and now with one night, that was all going to end.
Me and a few guys were blamed for shooting a whole bunch of things out around our home with a BB gun. I still think that we were framed, because in the area that the windows were broke, we had never been over there. But we got blamed for ever little bit of damage, which led to an two choice; We either confess to doing it all, or we pay and get evicted. I saw the lies behind it all, either way they were going to evict us. This is when I started to look for new homes, but nothing was available, not for the money that we had.
We just got paying for a wedding, we had $600 to our name, which is nothing to the price of most homes here. When the results came back empty, my cousin put all the blame on himself, blame that wasn’t ours to take at all, and tried to hatch out a plan. He went to the front office and told them to have someone come over. Later that day, the maintenance dude came over. This is the same guy that has never liked me. He spread a rumor, saying I pushed my wife down the stairs and that I blacked her eye. It was all coming together, now. He lied to get me out of the complex. My cousin confessed to false accusations, and we still got evicted.
Now at this point, my wife called off the wedding, she blamed me for everything. I took the blame, and accepted the punishment. Then we sat down and talked; I told her my side of the story, and told her who came over to tell us. She saw what I saw, and chose to put the wedding back on. She was still mad, but she knew that we would get over this together. The day before our honeymoon, we moved into our new home. The first year, we fought a lot due to where we moved into, but we grew out of the anger as we grew together.
The second year was the easiest so far. We haven’t been fighting as much. We learned the art of compromising, which is why we fought so much in the beginning. We both work great jobs, and we are never behind on bills. We have learned to communicate without fighting, which is a big plus. We still have our dumb fights, but we never let them get too crazy. I have been a year sober of punching holes into doors, which is also a big plus. We are at our happiest together, something that can only get better as the years go on.
To answer the question, No, I would never get a divorce. There are times that you are angry, and you wish that you never said those vows, but one good time together erases all the bad. Ariel is one of the only people that understand who I am, she understands my wants, needs, jokes, and can stand my hideous laugh. If she wasn’t in my life, I would be a living hell. She keeps me motivated to do my writing, and to love hard everyday. She accepts the fact that sometimes I am depressed and want to sleep, and there she is cuddling next to me….I would never want to divorce someone like Ariel. She is my rock!

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  1. That is sooo sweet…compromising for each other…fighting for what you have and never letting go…

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