It’s my motherf*cking birthday!

Posted: March 24, 2016 in Uncategorized
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Today is my birthday. I am sure that Facebook has already told most of my viewers, but if you didn’t know now you do. Today is my 22nd year being on this wonderful planet, and what is a better way to celebrate life than to write about life. I know I should take a break, relax, and stop writing for one day, but I just can’t. This post isnt about that, though. This post is about me, and what I have been doing in the last 22 years.

Today is my birthday, but I wont be having a party. My wife asked me what I wanted to do, and I told her nothing. I don’t want to go out, I just want to relax tonight. I feel like I’m too old to celebrate birthdays. I know that sounds dumb; I’m just not into the celebration part of birthdays, anymore. She wanted to go out, not to drink, but she wanted to go out to eat. Now that I think of it, maybe BDUBS sounds good. I will be happy with whatever we do tonight, but for now, I want to write.

There are only a few birthday parties that I remember, most of them were conjoined with my cousins, since we all had close birthdays. But there was one birthday party that stuck in my head; truly a night that I will never forget. It was my 19th birthday, two weeks after I began to date Ariel.

She was planning on doing something for my birthday, but I had no idea what she was going to do. I know that I never had a surprise birthday party, so I was excited. The night began with her cooking a delightful dinner, or maybe she ordered it. Either way, it was very tasteful. The night was off to the right start. I already spent the day with my sister, so I got that side of the family out of the way. Now I got to spend the rest of the night, laying in the bed with my beautiful girlfriend, eat food, watch movies, and laugh together. For my birthday, she agreed to watch whatever movie I wanted to. I picked Freddy vs. Jason, she flopped in the disc, and we sat there eating and commentating during the whole movie. She is a Freddy fan where I am a Jason fanatic, so the whole movie she was saying that Jason sucked. I told her to shut up multiple times.

The movie was almost to its end, when she brought out a surprise. The surprise was a card. The card was very sweet, but that wasn’t all that she had. She also brought out a cake, a blue cake! It was homemade, and had pink lettering on the top! It was so cute. I went to give her a kiss, and she shoved the cake in my face…..I gave her a piece of her own medicine, as I shoved the icing up her nose. The cake was on the carpet, the bed, the counter, the dresser, everywhere. I think we got to save half of the cake to eat, but the rest was gone. I was wearing most of it, proudly of course.

With our eyes sticky from the excessive sugar, we both took turns at the bathroom sink, washing the icing from our eyebrows, laughing hard still. After we got done washing our face, we went and laid on the bed. The movie was almost to the end, so we turned it off and turned on Pandora. The station needed to be changed, but that was an easy fix. Once the music set the mood, we laid there and told each other, everything. We covered fears, threats, families, movies, music, wants, needs. We got lost into talking that we forgot what time it was.

When I looked down, it was almost 10 p.m. I needed to get home, I told my sister that I would be home at 10. Since I was living with her, I had to obey by a few house rules, even if I was of age. I remember that drive home, though. There was snow on the ground, the snow was heavily falling. The roads were slick from the ice. If you know me, I love the snow, but Ariel isn’t a big fan so she called her brother to come with us. I know that night, I asked her to marry me. Most people don’t know that, but I asked her to marry me. I knew that night, she was the one. When we talked it clicked, but to see that she planned a whole party for me, I was in awe. I wanted to snatch this girl up, before someone else did.

We got to my sisters, I gave her a kiss, and told her that I would call. She said that was fine, and that she loved me. This was the first time we said those words, words that I haven’t said in two years, at this point. I smiled, and said I loved her too. She smiled and pulled off into the winter storm. I wanted to chase her, but I was cold so I went inside. The night was over, but the memory kept playing in my head, all night long.


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