What is about to freaking happen!

Posted: March 22, 2016 in Uncategorized
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I am a week down in one day!
Today is the first day of my vacation! Woot no work for a week! That means that the house is super quiet. The quietness always puts me in the mood to write. There is something about nothing moving that makes my creativity expand. This is great for the fact that I wanted to spend this week writing. I started at 9 a.m. and now it is 12 p.m., which is awesome since I already have six post written. Now this doesn’t mean that I will stop writing through the following weeks. I will still be writing daily, but this will help me stay ahead, and will give me more time to perfect my writing. With more time, I can spend more attention on editing and promoting. I just like the fact that I have been in this writing mood, and already have put a big dent into much of the work, that I need to finish this week.
This week is dedicated to getting enough time stored away, so that I can begin to write my novel. I still have to begin the outline, the structure, and everything else that comes with writing a novel. Since most authors can write a book in six weeks, I decided to challenge myself. I will be challenging myself to write a whole novel (rough draft) in only six-weeks after finishing the whole outline. This will take a lot of time up, which means that I will need a lot of coffee and support from you guys. Which I know is easy, since you guys are amazing!
I made a blog post a few days ago, telling you guys that was mass producing to write my blog, but I felt bad for doing that. Why should I take a break from you guys, so that I can write a novel, when I can do both. I want to be very honest, there is nothing more refreshing than writing daily, but last week, I wrote work for the whole week, on Tuesday, and didn’t write again for the rest of the week. That whole week, I felt really weird, almost sick. I have come custom to writing daily, so when I miss multiple days in a row, I feel like something is missing. That is why I have decided to get a head of the game, but also to manage my time,  so I can write daily. Now I know I would be writing daily, if I was writing my novel, but it isn’t the same as writing a blog everyday for you guys.
So I have decided that I will be making a schedule, so that I can be on top of my game; when I begin to write the novel ‘Drifting away.’ This schedule will give me time to write on my novel, but also the same time to write a blog for you guys. Now some of the post might be written for the future, but still I remind you that I will write daily.
I am proud to see that my blog is entertaining so many people, and I hope that you guys are happy with the next couple months, I can tell you that some amazing things are about to happen. So sit down, strap your seat belts and get ready for one hell of a ride!


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