Letters to the Chapel: Judgement

Posted: March 21, 2016 in Uncategorized
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There I stood in the line, waiting for my lunch to fill my empty stomach. The loud mutters of teenage girl drama was echoing through the hallways, the teachers were trying to get it under control, but nothing was working. You cant stop a monkey from being a monkey, they will continuously throw poo, no matter how many times you tell them to stop. That is how this line felt, it felt that I was always in a zoo, waiting to get hit with poo from last nights banana fest.

There was always someone being picked on, or someone starting a new rumor, almost like it wasn’t a normal day if someone wasn’t saying something stupid. I always stood behind those who got picked on, yet when they paved the road themselves, at that point it was no longer my job. These girls were the type that would start a rumor, yet would cry if they were involved in it. I usually would try to wait until everyone had gotten their food to join the line, in order to stay out of the way of annoying people. But this day I was stuck in the middle of the drama, I was in between two of the biggest drama queens in the whole school, and they just happened to be mad at each other. I remember having to step out of the way a few times, because it began to get heated, and I wasn’t about to get hit for nothing. But then I thought of something I could do.

I walked over to my locker, which was right next to the line (thank god for freshmen’s) and grabbed my new testament bible, and I walked to the back of the line and began to read. The reading would cause me to go into a magical world, that would let me leave these baboons, and enter into a place that makes me feel safe, that was the kingdom of God.

I began to read my favorite note in the bible, Revelations. I was studying the seven churches that God talks about during that time, it was all for a sermon coming up. I decided this was the best time to do this, so I began to take notes on things I could use in my sermon. This is when my friend, Trevor, came up to me. He wanted to know what I was reading, but I haven’t told him I was a Christian, I was scared to tell him that I was reading the bible, because he wasn’t into that type of thing, and I wasn’t in the position to lose another friend!

That day I told him the truth, what was I going to say? I couldn’t tell him that I was reading a text book, we all had the same classes at the same time, with the same teachers. I had to man up and tell him, but I didn’t want to; I even thought about telling him that I found it on the ground. But I was taught at church about denying the Lord in public, I knew this was a huge moment in my faith, so I told him everything!

He looked at me like I was crazy and acted as if someone abducted his best friend and took him to a far away planet. This was true, God did take the old me and make me new, but it wasn’t as bad as he made it seem. The change that I went through was needed. I needed to let go of my old stupid ways, the same ways that made me a felon at a young age. I thought I was above everything, but that wasn’t true. I explained to him that everything was going to be the same, that he would still have the same Blake, just a better version. He seemed to buy that.

That whole attitude switched when we got our food and sat down with the rest of the crew. At first the table was acting normal, joking around about stupid things. But as the table began to run out of topics to make fun of, my friend blurted out that I was reading the bible moments before lunch. The table got really quiet. Some of the guys were okay with it, and shrugged their shoulders, so I began to think I was still in the same boat, but then one of the guys didn’t agree. I forgot what exactly what he said, but it was to the extent of “I don’t like this new Blake, you need to drop this.” I stayed quiet the rest of that lunch, I felt like I lost the rest of my friends; all from choosing to follow God, which I saw coming; I just didn’t want to believe it!

I saw our friendships thinning over the next part of the semester, which led to them finding new friends as they grew up. I found a little group of people, and made them my friends, but everyday I wanted to hang with them. I knew if I started to hang with them again, I would have falling from God, eventually leading me back to my old life, one that was killing me before.

I finally got close to them later on, when we were seniors but the time was over. I was going to a out-of-state seminar and they were going to a local college. Going to the different colleges would put distance in between our friendships. Some of my friends even moved away before they graduated. I still talk to them a bit these days. Something never changes; I am always left with a stale question: What if I kept my beliefs quiet and didn’t push it on them, would I still have them as my friends? Was this the fate of our friendships? Either way, I found out that day, not everyone will accept your beliefs, but if you are happy, do what you want!


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