Posted: March 20, 2016 in Uncategorized
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Have you heard of impromtstudios? I am sure you haven’t, since I have never talked about it. Impromtstudios is where this blog is based out of. I like the sound of having my own studio, so I called my office area, Impromtstudios. The main goal for impromtstudios was always to make writing feel like a small business, which is why I  began to promote people.


I have promoted a few artist, including Alterna Comics, and 878, a local rapper that is doing amazing now. I won’t say that I helped at all, but it is awesome to be a part of someones success, knowing that you helped.
So I made impromtstudios a place for anyone to share their art, and I would do a write-up and write a blog about them.
Promotion is the number one key to becoming known, and that is what impromtstudios does for you, they make it easy for you to fulfill your dream.
Want to know more? Leave an email, and we will talk!


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