Lets define your dreams!

Posted: March 18, 2016 in Uncategorized
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I have always been fascinated with dreams. I think it is amazing how the mind can work. I like the fact that even if I have never been somewhere, my brain can print out some blueprints, and use my creativity to light the way. There have been some amazing journeys taking inside my mind after I close my eyes, that have left me amazed, but there are also some that have left me terrified, but what do they mean?

I see certain things in my dreams, and those items are what I remember of all the dreams. One time all I could distinctly remember was a cat. I am not a fan of cats, nor do I want one, so why would I dream of it? The fact that a little hair ball caught my attention got me curious, on to what it actually meant. Why do we remember some part of the dream, yet forget the rest? Is it a secret desire that we have been ignoring, or maybe it’s a warning, one that we need to listen to? But how can we be sure?

This is where I was stumped, I wanted to know why I was dreaming certain things, but had no knowledge of the topic. This is where Barnes and Noble actually was needed. I knew they had a section for dreaming, and spiritual books, but I was unsure if they covered this topic, and even if they did, what was I truly looking for? How could I ask about it…what was I suppose to do. Luckily when I got there, I found the answer right off the bat.

As I went to my favorite section (Bargains) I saw a book that seemed to answer all of my questions. This book was a light brown color dictionary, that read ‘Dream Language.’ I quickly grabbed the book, not looking at the price, and went on with my shopping. In the next isle, there was a book called ‘Nightmare dictionary’ this was a book like the one I picked up, but dealt with more scary dreams, and deadlier signs. I figured this was going to be needed to, since I wanted to know about dreams, and why we dream certain things. I ended up buying both books, only adding up to $20, all thanks to bargains!

I went home that night and began to read some of the definitions, starting with cat. This is what is said about cats; “someone has led you to believe that you may become more familiar with them but they don’t want you to behave in an overly friendly fashion in public. You will be made to look bad and this person will ignore you in front of others! Then it gives you a approximate time in which it will happen.

This book might not be super-accurate, but it explains so many hidden details of some dreams that we have. It puts us one step closer to understanding what is going on around us, and if we can brace ourselves for a heartbreak, or worse, then isn’t this book worth keeping?

Since I bought this book, I haven’t been able to dream. But I still want to use the book, so I am here to offer a service. Anytime that something sticks out in a dream, would you like to bring it to me, and I can search it for you. This can also be used for nightmares, and since the books are huge, I am sure you can bring everything. I have always been curious of the dream state, and have been wanting to study it. This is a great place to start. 

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