The lady on the other side of the door…..

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I am scared to go downstairs, into my dark-and-cold basement. The walls are falling apart, there is plaster on the ground, where the wall use to stand tall and strong. Each wall has some type of hole in it. There are three bedrooms, but each one has its own freakiness. I hate going down into my basement, but that’s where my laundry is!

I started laundry almost an hour ago, but as I walked up stairs, and began to write again, I heard a loud screech. I figured it was the washer being old, but then the upstairs door opened, no one was there. I blew it off as the wind, and sat back down, but then again, it came open. I scorned the wind, shouting the door again, this time I put the chain on the door. That kept the door from coming open for about ten minutes. But just now, the door came open again, but it was caught by the chain.

I went to inspect it, but nothing was open this time. I figured I was hearing noises, I don’t spend much time home alone, but when I do, things like this don’t happen. What should I do? I asked myself. I wanted to leave, yet I didn’t have the car. My wife wanted to take herself to work today, so I was stuck here for now; this was fake anyways.

I couldn’t be in a haunted house, yeah the basement is scary, but not haunted. That is absurd, we wouldn’t have something watching over us at night, none of us played with demons as children, or went to a real haunted house, where they could have attached to us. I had to much sugar today, that is why my brain is playing these games. This is why doctors advise you to not drink Surge in bulk. But I ignore those articles, my body will tell me when to stop, but is this my body telling me to stop? I don’t think so, as I take a sip of the Surge.

I just heard something again, this time everyone is home. It is 3 a.m. and everyone is asleep. The noise didn’t wake anyone but me, but it was loud, I don’t understand. I truly am scared, but what can I do? Should I wake up my wife, she has to work at 5 a.m., I wouldn’t want to be awoken for nothing. I am by myself in this mess, with nothing to defend myself with if there is anything, I am screwed. I got out of my bed, and walked to my bedroom door, this is when I heard my mother-in-law yell. I opened my door, which is connected to the living room, where the front door is.

The door knob was jiggling, I saw the lock begin to turn. I quickly ran to the door, and pushed the door shut. Whoever was trying to push open the door, was strong, nearly fighting me to death. I grabbed the chain to the door, and wrapped it around the doorknob, the person stopped fighting, and left. I went back into my room, to grab my phone, in order to call 911. I opened the door, turned on the light, and realized that my wife wasn’t home. I was confused, due to the fact that she was just in bed.

The state of my emergency, forced me to stop thinking about her, and worry about getting someone here.
I got connected to the dispatcher when the basement door shot open, stopping inches from the door frame, with the chain. I ran into the kitchen, and slammed the door, locking the deadbolt. The lock began to turn again, and finally unlocked, I wasn’t worried, since the chain would stop the door. The door jammed open, pulling tension on the chain, followed by an old lady saying she had a gun. I knew we needed to get out of the house, but how many were there? I soon fought that idea, and went to grab my pocket knife, off my desk.

As I ran past the door, a bullet emptied into the door. I fell to the ground, as the chain busted from pressure. I flipped myself and looked at the woman holding a gun. She was dead, her eyes were crawling with maggots, her mouth was full of dried blood, and she walked with a half eating foot. She got up to my body, lifted the gun, and pulled the trigger.

I woke up in a puddle of sweat that night, instantly checking all of my doors. I felt invaded without having an invasion. The dream felt all so real to me, every little bit of it. I couldn’t catch my breathe as my wife turned over and grabbed me. She asked me if I was okay, I told her we would talk about it the next morning. Until this day, I fear hearing noises in this house, knowing that one day, that same lady could make her way to our house. 

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