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I want to share with you guys, a glimpse of the new ‘Night Crawler Journal’ that is going up tomorrow! This is a re-master of the original, that posted its last episode almost a year ago. I didn’t like the way that the story ended, but wanted to write it, so I chose to rewrite the whole story. If you were a fan of the old version, then don’t fear, the rewrite is based on the old version.

This will give the new edition something to be based on, but also give it more room to grow. I rushed the other story way to fast, which caused it to come out too unrealistic. I wasn’t proud at all, but now we can start over and finish what we started.
I don’t know if this will be an every week thing, or if it will be posted monthly. The way to make sure you get your dose though, is to like the series as it comes out. I base new episodes of a series on stats, meaning if it doesn’t show a certain amount of love, then I will stop posting it. The better it does, the faster the next episode comes.

‘Night Crawler Journals’ takes you into the eyes of a fearful state of Montana, during one of the worst snow storms ever recorded. The snow relented to stop, accumulating almost 7 feet of snow, in almost a week. The winds were below zero, and was freezing people to death in moments. The residents feared for their lives. The governor tried to keep them calm, but no one was listening. Some of the residents tried to leave, but died as soon as they stepped in the snow. But the bodies would never stay still for long. They would reanimate coming back as beast. Now, the people not only had to fear nature, but also had to fear those who have falling. Those who died but rose again to find warmth. How long will the cold last? Will the people be able to fight the weather and the “Crawlers?” How long can they last? Welcome to the ‘Night Crawler Journals.’

Enjoy this sneak peak:

“I watched as each one began to slow down. They weren’t strong enough to stand next to the cold. Each one began to turn back, but couldn’t make it another step. I watched as their skin began to turn black from frost bite. They then fell to the ground; 39 residents seemed to die, but they didn’t stay down.”


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