Impromtdude Stickers! Coming soon…..

Posted: March 12, 2016 in Uncategorized
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I cant wait to show you guys the new hoodies that are making for this blog, they were designed by yours truly, and giving to someone that has amazing talent at making personalized clothing, with the combination, I am about to have the most amazing apparel, that any blog has ever had. The design is on a charcoal grey, with the Impromtdude logo on the front, and Impromtdude signed on the back, in blue. I have posted a rough draft of the hoodie online, but it doesn’t compare to what it will look like, in person!

But hoodies are not the only thing that are coming to the blog, we also have t-shirts and stickers on the way. The stickers are a simple logo with the web address on the bottom, and the t-shirts will be the same design as the hoodie, with many color choices for the logo, and lettering! Today, I want to tell you guys more about how to receive free stuff, though!

I posted on my social media, that if you want to receive something free, then it will cost you. I also told you that I would tell you more later, well now is that time! In this world, it takes an artist between 5-7 years to becoming successful after they begin. With me just kicking it into overdrive on my road to being famous, that means that I have a long time to get there. There are a lot of people that don’t know about me, but know about you, which means that you are the best way to them. My offer is simple, you promote me, you get free stuff! Want to know more? Keep reading.

I recently made business cards. This will give people my name, where to find me, and what exactly I do. I need help handing them out. So I am here to purpose an idea, which is this, if you hand out 10 of my business cards to your friends, family, or co-workers, you will receive a free sticker. That is all you have to do, for every 10 (cards) you hand out, you receive another sticker. The amount is endless on how many you can receive, so what do you say?

Will you help me get out there? I have been building this amazing blog, for almost 2 years, and am ready to take the next step, being noticed. I am ready to connect with new artist, friends, and fans. This is my passion, can you help me fulfil my dream? If you will help, I would appreciate it!

Impromtdude @


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