I made some moves on my desk! Again!

Posted: March 10, 2016 in Uncategorized
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I need to get this under control!


A few weeks ago, I wrote you guys a note about my new organization plan. This plan included using my desk to its full potential, using every cabinet, shelf, and surface to better organize my life. This plan was an amazing idea, but it didn’t work so well. The cubby holes that were intended for my work have been filled with toys from McDonalds, which has thrown off my whole plan, so today I spent some time, making more room!

If clutter is a disease, lately I have been dying. My desk has become cluttered to the point, that before this blog, I had to reorganize just to write this post. The charger wires were tangled with my tablet, which almost fell on to the ground when I pulled it out. With almost demolishing my beautiful tablet, I have decided that the clutter has to stop, and TODAY! So I made a new plan in order to get things put together.

I have a lot of stuff that needs spots, but it seems that my desk isn’t big enough. I have video games that my dog wants to eat, also. I am thinking that I will need a book shelf in order to keep everything in one area. But I really don’t have the room for a big book holder in my living room, not with a 55” T.V. sitting next to my writing area. So I began to think on what I could do, since I bought even more books, that sit on top of my desk. I don’t want to have them there though, I am nervous that they will fall, and my dog will get a hold of them.

I have this brown microwave stand, that would fit perfectly in between my desk and T.V. The stand is the same color as my desk, which would keep it from standing out like a sore thumb. It has three shelves on the inside and a new hard top. I could use the bottom shelve on the inside to hide away my video games, then the second shelf to put all my books. Then for the top shelve could be used to place anything, on the ground, out of my dogs reach. Then I would use the part of my desk, holding my video games, to hold all of my “blogging fans” (toys). This would open a lot of room, on my desk, and could possibly make it easier for me to write.

With new products coming in soon, I cant be disorganized, or things will get really sticky, so this is my attempt at making my job easier. There is something about clutter, that makes my mind scramble. If there is one thing out of place, I seem to hit a wall while writing. But I saw a change when I organized my desk, last time, but I have accumulated more stuff, meaning I need a bigger area. Hopefully adding this stand will help with that!

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