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Posted: March 9, 2016 in Uncategorized
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Ask anybody, anyone that truly knows me. They will all agree on one fact, most will only agree on one thing, but even they will agree. The Gods in heaven, Egypt, Rome, and anywhere that has Gods will even agree. God made me the way that I am, yet agrees that I am annoying.

The laugh that is belted out, the voice that cracks the jokes, the jokes themselves, everything, my smile, my eyes, and my existence, is annoying. There is something that makes me annoying, and that is everything. I might even repeat something that a cool person says, and somehow I am annoying, but why? I will tell you, here today!

I was grown up in the middle of the country, raised by deer, and transported to my father at age 12. I was taught the basics in life, but then had to teach myself the rest. I never had a true teach, to teach me the ways of the land, but then one day, I met Judu. Judu was a great guy, he knew of the land, and how to live off it, but that wasn’t enough.

I knew that already, I needed to know more. He was useless if he didn’t know more, but he was able to show me more. The art of Annoyance was strong in his heart. He is what we call people “An asshole.” His sarcasm kept him without friends for many years, and since he didn’t have friends, he set out to find the worse jokes, dumbest laughs, and the corniest smiles, anything to master what he started, humor.

He knew the land, and the land knew him, and the land knew me, now. I lived on and off the land. I trained beside young Judu, until Young became old. Judu wanted me to carry on his art to the ends of the world. I  had to accept, he was the teach, I the student, wouldn’t let him down. I knew of a place, called Illinois, that would make a great place for nothing else, expect to live out my destiny, as the best.

The best sarcastic prick there is, is now me, and I hold my head high. But even with the best in the land, most find me annoying, because I reaped the land they sowed. I showered in the praises of being humorous, where they sowed much, yet received nothing. They find me annoying, because I am better than them, and will always be.

I trained under the great, Judu, that taught me everything I know. I was set out to this world, not to save the world, but to judge the world. I now stand dumbfounded that our people have turned away from sarcasm, and now cry at jokes. What has the world came to, that one man can’t insult another man, without being offended. This world needs a savior, and that savior is ME!

I have the tools and weapons for war, which I hold in my mind and heart. The power of my weapons will strike down any haters, and will put an end to the whining. This world will see a new light today, as I stand before the world, and announce a new coming. I am Impromtdude, and I am ready to annoy you, until you run out of comebacks. Until the day the victory won, I will not cease to attack, this is my war, and I will win! 

Impromtdude @ Facebook.com/impromtdude


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