My amazing new chair!

Posted: March 7, 2016 in Uncategorized
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    What did you spend your tax return on? With the refunds almost fully out, many people have already spend their share, where others are just receiving them in the mail. What did you do with yours? Are you going to pick up on unpaid bills? Will you spend it on a much needed vacation, or will you simply save it? I know what I am going to do with my tax return, which I just received. I will spend a chunk of change getting things for this blog, such as a new desk chair, so I am not slouched over, while writing.
I received a chair from my father-in-law a few months ago. The chair is a very comfortable, yet it surely has been used a lot. This has made the chair lean in the front. I tried to put a few pillows on the chair, but it would still cause me to have horrible posture, leading to my back to hurt. I am very pain tolerant until it involves my back. I have scoliosis, so it doesn’t take much for my back to hurt. And when my back begins to hurt, I lose my concentration. With my writing career, it is hard to lose concentration and still be able to write an amazing post, so I knew I needed a firm chair.
My wife and I received our taxes a few days ago, and I went to buy a new computer. But then I began to think of my back pains, which pushed getting a chair in front of a new computer. I can save up and get a better computer soon, but I will still need a chair, since the chair is also cheaper, I decided to get a band new chair. The chair cost me less than $100, this is a reasonable price for a firm chair. I got home late that night, it was almost midnight and I had to work the next morning, but I couldn’t leave the chair in the box. I had to put the chair together, or I wouldn’t have slept that night. I spent twenty minutes putting it together, but it never ends after its put together, I had to “test drive” the chair, mainly to make sure I got what I paid for. The chair seemed to be pretty basic, there was not a lean back feature, either. I went to bed sad that night, thinking I wasted my money on something stupid. But then the next morning, I was writing, and went to lay head back on the chair. The chair went backwards, I surely thought that I broke it, but nothing was out of place. I must’ve not leaned back far enough, because it wasn’t broken. Now that I know that it leans back and stuff, I am happy with my purchase. I love this chair, I couldn’t ask for a better chair to rest my tooshie in.
I still have a lot of my refund left, which is being spent on a few bills, but also on new merchandise ideas for this blog. I want to tell you guys more about it, but I still have a few people working with me on it, I should have a few finished products by the end of this week. I can tell you though, they are going to be amazing! If you are interested, please do let me know. Hoodies, hats, shirts, stickers, and business cards will be on top of the products, though.  

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