Raindrops from Heaven.

Posted: March 2, 2016 in Uncategorized
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I was watching a show one night, and an infomercial came on. The guy said that he had something for me, and that I should call right away. Since the object was free, I gave the man a call. The operator told me that my package would arrive, in 3-7 days. I waited patiently for the package, as if I was receiving the cure for cancer, but the question was, is it?
Leroy Jenkins, a famed pastor and leader of a T.V. broadcast, was sending out free vails of ‘holy water.’ I was skeptical of the water, but it was too cool to pass up on, and since it was free, why not get a sample? So as said before, I called the operator. I gave the pretty lady my address, phone number, age, and a sample of blood. She replied that she didn’t need that information, but I continued. Finally, I hung up the phone, after she told me that the water was on its way.

I sat at the door, of my sisters apartment, between 10-11 a.m. waiting for the mail man. The feeling I had while waiting was one of a dog, waiting on its owner to return from work. I honestly was excited about the water, mainly due to how stupid the man made it sound. But if it worked, then I would be able to give it to those who are sick. I would be able to do miracles, like Jesus. This was all in Jesus’ name, of course.

The water was delivered three days later than it was to come. I almost forgot what I was waiting on, but when the package came, I quickly regained my memory. I ripped open the envelope, and pulled out a small piece of plastic. The plastic had one drop of water in it, not even enough to clinch my thirst, so I hung it up and counted it as a win. I didn’t want to use the water, since there wasn’t much left, so I didn’t tell anyone about it.

After a few weeks, a letter came to my mailbox, from Leroy. The letter was telling me that he was praying for me, this was a nice gesture, but that wasn’t it. He went on to tell me that he received a prophecy from God. According to the note, God told him that I was suppose to give him an offering, one equaling up to $250. I laughed at the attempt, and threw the piece of paper away, but kept the pretty prayer cloth, he sent.

One week later, Leroy reached out again, attempting to get a offering again. This time, he told me that God wants me to test my faith. He was told by God that I need to give $400 to the ministry. I got angry at the fact that he reached out again, because how was I to offer something I didn’t have? At this time I was jobless, which meant I had no cash. Why would God tell him to have me tithe, when he knew my situation, then it clicked.

There are people out there, that are falling apart and want God to love them. They hear these fancy words from a Servant of God, and they feel compelled to give. This usually leads to the people falling behind on bills, leading to a hatred formed due to their faith being misled. Jesus didn’t want them to tithe that much, he wanted them to tithe their best, but since this one man wanted to grow his bank account, they gave something they didn’t have. All God wants from us, is our heart. He could care less about your money, what does he need that for? Should you tithe (if you believe in that)? Yes, in order for the church to operate. Should you give what you don’t have? No, you give what you can, not what someone says God wants. If you didn’t get a certain message from God, then you should pray more.

Now this story is to those who believe in religion. If you don’t believe in God, then take this as a lesson, to never listen to those on T.V. offering unrealistic things. I see infomercials all the time, offering things that seem to good, that’s because it is. They are in it for the money. It sucks that this man was lying though, because if the water was as amazing, as he said, big things could have happened!

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