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Ten things that being a writer has taught me.


As a writer, I have learned a lot of life lessons. Some of the lessons have been needed. When I first began to write I thought you had to follow every rule. I lost my will to write when I began to stress about all the rules. But over the years, I have learned rules are meant to be broken; once I figured that out, I started to love writing, again! These are the ten things I have learned, since I became a writer!

10. I am free to think the way I want to.

9. Some of the biggest fans, are those who you push away.

8. Writing isn’t as easy as people say it is.

7. I should have cared more in school.

6. It is fun to make peoples lives a living hell, as long as they are your characters.

5. You wake up in the middle of the night, with a great idea and wanting to write.

4. All your work sounds great to others but horrible to you.

3. Writing blocks are tools to get you better, not to stop you.

2. Reading is essential if you want to be a writer. 

1. I should have started writing daily a long time ago……its so FUNNNNNNN

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When I began to write; I imagined the journey to only last a few months. That is the longest my hobbies usually last. I gave up on football, basketball, drawing, singing, and being a pastor; so what would be different about writing? I felt that this was going to be another phase of mine, one that would last only a month, then I would leave it aside and chase another dream, but for some reason, I didn’t quit.  I am still writing and I still love it.
Let me be honest; there are days that I want to quit, pack-up my bags, walk through the doors, and never look back. I can never get myself to do it, though. This career path I have chosen is like glue, it is stuck to me and wont let me go. I am with this dream until I cant go anymore.
I am glad, though, don’t get me wrong. This dream that I have been chasing, for the last six years, is just now becoming fun to me. Before, this dream was about making a quick buck, and then getting out of the mix. But when you find the real meaning to the dream, you seem to find a new reason to do it. I wanted the money, but then found that this was the best way to keep myself happy, which then led to me wanting to do this for more than money. Even if I wanted to get in and out, that was impossible. I can’t tell you how many artist, I have talked to, that have giving up because they wanted it instantly. They wanted the fame in a year, but didn’t realize they needed to work hard for years to get noticed.
Any type of artist will need to work hard, for at least 2-6 years, before they get their break. NF, a Christian rapper, was on year 6, I believe, when he got his shot at fame. Eminem did underground work for years. It is even harder for writers to get noticed, though. There is way more writers in the market, then there are jobs. I did a post almost a year ago talking about the chances of getting a job in writing. The chances were really low, I cant remember the percent, but it was under 50%. This means that if I ever want to get paid to write, I will have to be on top of my game at all times, because you never know who is watching!
But the truth is, I don’t care, I am not in this to be rich and famous. I would be foolish to say that I don’t want that, but if it never happens I wouldn’t be upset.  I have always stood by the modo “I am a writer because I love to write”  Any rewards that come after that are reasons to push myself as a writer. But I will never be upset because a publisher didn’t notice me, and then put on one of my friends, I will be happy. They are living the dream also that means my publisher will be even better for me. I cant get mad because I am not getting paid, because when you begin to mix money in with passion, you get a messy kitchen, and that is one thing I wouldn’t want.


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What ever happened to my music career?


At one time, I was a writer and a musician. I would call myself “Living example Band” but for some reason, I quit. Today I will be telling you what led up to me giving up on music, and focusing solely on writing.

I  got my first guitar when I was a sophomore in high school. It was a Peavey Raptor, and my dad got it off craigslist, after I showed him the post. He wasn’t hesitant to get it, since it would mean that I would stop pounding loudly at the drums, something I was never good at. On top of getting the guitar, my father also got me, my class ring. But I was more excited about getting the guitar, that I planned lessons with my friend, instantly. He was a little old, so he tried to teach me blues, when I wanted to know the basics, only. I eventually learned the basics, and quit the lessons. I then went on to teach myself more and more. With being a writer, I thought that making a song would be a cool thing to do, so I wrote a worship song. The song talked about temptation and how I needed to stay on my knees, instead of trying to get through it by myself. I fell in love with writing music, so I continued to write music; while also writing short-stories and blog post.

About five months after beginning to play guitar, I recorded my first E.P. this was after I performed for the first time at a church’s open-mic night. I performed “How he loves” by David Crowder. I didn’t do as well as I thought I could of done, so I used my E.P. to show people how I wanted it to go. The E.P. also had a jingle bell remake called “Church bells.” I sent the E.P. to my pastor, and all of my friends. They all had mixed views, but for my first recording they were happy with the quality. That is when I set out to record more.

I started to record my first album, Let your light shine. This would contain 10 songs that were all God based. I wanted to reach the world through my music, and my goal was to record the album and give it out at youth rallies. But when I finished the C.D. I got nervous and decided to keep it a “Hush, hush” project, I only gave it to a few people.

I continued to write and sing , even after that album though. But with having a sucky singing voice, I knew I couldn’t go far, so I slowed down on my music. I would write a song, play the guitar to it, record it, but then would leave it on my computer. There were times where I would delete songs, since I didn’t want anyone to hear it. But then an awesome opportunity came along, my senior project.

Three long years since I started to play music was when the Senior project came up. I knew right of the bat that I wanted to record one-last-album, this one would be my best one ever. I set out six months before the senior project to write the 13 songs that would be on the last album. But this time, I had new outlets, which was a new recording style and studio, which made the songs higher quality, giving me all the tools to make it great!

I recorded the first song, Let go, which happened to be my graduation song. I was playing around one night, and threw some drums in with it. I must have been having a long night, because I thought it actually went with the song. When I got over the hangover, I realized, the song sucked with the drums. This was sadly after I submitted it to my video editing class, for a music video. I held my head up high, as everyone coughed. The song without drums was full of meaning, but when drums were added, it ruined the song and meaning. I almost scrapped the whole project for that one reason, but decided against that. Instead, I decided to drop the drums and work even harder on the rest of the songs. I remember working in math class, during lunch, and pulling all nighters to get this project done, and finally I did.

The album was done and I got an A! The teachers loved the project, saying that it was perfect for me! I gladly said “thanks” and walked out of the room.

Now fast forward to the future, after someone stealing my laptop, you will find Blake back at it. I was writing my new worship album, Road to Damascus. But I found that it wasn’t going to work, since I didn’t have a computer to record with. I played the few songs in front of the church, and they loved them. But one day, the notebook got wet, ruining the lyrics. All my hard work and time was wasted. I couldn’t restart, I wouldn’t be able to recreate those amazing lyrics. That is the last day that I wrote a song, I hung up my guitar and called it quits.

I have attempted to write new songs, but my heart isn’t in it anymore. I just don’t have the heart to keep singing. Maybe one day, I will record my final album, Letters to the Chapel. But as of right now, my music career is over.  

For one time only; Go check out my old Music!!!!!

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The wind was slightly blowing the light snow off of the ground and into the chilled air. The night was calm as Aeron sat next to the fire, in a grill he found in Drummond. The fire was simmering down with the continuous snow, but they knew they wouldn’t be staying long. They already traveled for a full day, so they decided to stop and get warm. The fire was lit inside of a small grill. The metal was hot enough for the two to get warm. As Aeron sat next to the fire, he picked up the sign. He was happy to see that Fairfield was only thirty miles away. His mission to get medical supplies was almost over.   

Fairfield was one of the last surviving cities after the outbreak took place. The mayor of the town kept a close eye on the passing visitors, and of the people leaving. It was a good plan at the beginning, but there came a group that would over power his walls. He fell captive to a group of lawbreakers. The group cleared them out of all of their food and water, but they didn’t know about the abundance of medicine, they kept stored inside the medical center. They grabbed the food and water, and left.

The people of Fairfield began to fear another attack on the city; also without food one-by-one they were dying from starvation. A group of activist told the people, it was easier to live on the road, away from the fear they had here. The people of Fairfield quickly joined the rally, and left their homes. They soon realized that the world was no longer like it was before, they had no idea what was out there. The citizens fell dead to the cold, turning into beast shortly after. With all the attacks and people leaving the leader began to question his sanity. Finally, after the people began to turn back into beast, and turned back to attack the town, Dr. Grey began to execute anyone that questioned his plans.

Dr. Grey was a true man of war; he was someone who knew what it took to survive, also what a human body could withstand. He spent many years in the army, but also many years studying the reproductive system. With all the people leaving his town; he knew that he needed to build his army back up. This is when he chose to begin his projects. He had to find a way to bring forth kids. There weren’t enough women to carry kids,  the men were also too busy fighting; they wouldn’t be able to stand down, this is when he came up with three ideas. He would try to impregnate children earlier in life, find ways to impregnate women without a man, and grow fetus without a present birth giver.

He attempted to impregnate the children, but due to the lack of nutrition, they would die quickly after getting pregnant. This caused riots outside of Dr. Greys mansion, the old courthouse. Dr. Grey executed those who wouldn’t stand down. This led to only having a handful of women, his second plan became harder than expected. But even with the complications, Grey continued to do his experiment. The women refused to go along with his plan, seeing how the first experiment went. Grey wasn’t accepting of their lack of faith, so as they refused to help, he would force them. He would have his men tie the women down, and would force the sperm inside of their body. But without the right sanitation, the women began to come down with infections, worse than the frost bite infection. He stopped the research, immediately and went onto his last experiment. This is where he would attempt to create a embryo, and grow a baby using science. He created a pod that created an egg, then after the egg was present, he would empty test tubes of sperm into the glass container. The project was working, better than any others. There was progress everyday. But as the progress began to spike, a big storm came through town.

The storm blew his generator. He was sleeping when the storm came through, but as the wind blew ice against his window, he woke up. He rushed to his lab, to see that none of the pods were active. He made it urgent, that the soldiers got the power back on. But the town was without power for two days. When the generator was turned back on, the project had deceased. All the hard work was for nothing. The town turned away from him as he lost his mind. He began to see that no one wanted to follow him, that is when he began to torture his residents. But as they were coming to kill him, he left the town. They were going to chase him, but decided that the winter would be torture, enough. Soon after Grey left, another group of outlaws came, and killed off the rest of the citizens.

Aeron got of his snow mobile and stood in the freezing rain with his leather jacket. He lifted the face shield on the helmet to look into the once standing, Fairfield. The town was deserted. The walls of the buildings were rotted out. Most of the buildings had falling with the weight of the snow. There were cars beside other cars. This must have been their last defense. Aeron stood still, almost in a memorial of the dead bodies, hanging out of the cars. Leo pats him on the back seconds later.

“Are you ready for this?” Leo asked.

“Lets get in there and get back home.”

They both got off their snowmobiles, after being unable to cross through the pile of cars. It was on foot from this-point-on. The town was only four blocks, the iced population sign reads 700, which was long before the outbreak. The medical center was on the left side of town, which was three blocks after getting into town and was next door to the old B & J Grocery store. This was Dr. Greys hideout, where he kept all of the experiments and test results. The whole way to Fairfield, the were praying that the medicine hadn’t been touched. It would have been a waste, if so. 

They made their way up to Fairfield Drugs entrance, but Aeron stopped. Leo turned around and asked what he was thinking. Aeron ignored him and walked to a nearby car; he pulled out a rope, put gas on the end, then shoved it into the gas tank of the car, leaving the end close to the ground. He got up off the ground and made his way into the building. Leo caught on to his plan, as he looked at the car, then walked inside with him.

They walked into the main lobby, and began to search for the treasure, but all they found were old empty boxes. Aeron hesitantly searched through the lobby drawers. He found a map of the medical center with a master key to the building. The guide listed all of the rooms and what you would find in each room. Everything was scratched out, except on room 3A1 that read supplies.  Aeron shows Leo the map, and smiles.

“You know this is the original guide, right!” Leo slapped the guide out of Aeron’s hand.

Aeron picks up the map and walked away, heading to the room. Leo shook his head, lifted his flashlight and walked behind him.

They found the room, Aeron unlocks the door using the master key. Leo steps in front of him, and shines the light inside, from the glare of the flashlight, the room seemed to be empty. But as they walked in, they saw the abundance of supplies. They begin to search the cabinets, in each cabinet, they found even more supplies. They were searching for Insulin, but they only found one little bottle. Aeron smiled as he showed the bottle Leo. Leo smiles while throwing the rest of the pain killers into his bag. They got what they came for. They walked out of the room, back into the lobby. But they realized that the door was left open, which caused a handful of Crawlers to make their way into the building. They were screeching for warmth. Aeron pulls Leo back into the room. 

They began to devise a plan to get out of the building. The room didn’t have a window or any other door. They open the door again, slightly. Leo looked around to see if there was another room with a window, and there was. It was a room at the back of the center, it looked to be an old lab. Leo shuts the door and tells Aeron what he saw; Aeron tells him to throw a glass bottle out into the lobby, so they can make a run for it. Leo grins slightly, opens the door, and throws a bottle. The glass shattering got the attention of the dumb beast. Leo sprints across the floor followed by Aeron. The Crawlers notice the two humans, and begin to run after they. The were moving faster than they normally do. The heat must have an affect on their body functions. 
They slid into the room, and shut the door. The Crawlers were at the door seconds later. Aeron looks around the room, then throws a chair through the window. The glass shattering was loud, and echoed through the small town.

“That is going to get the attention of every Crawler in this town, come on!” Aeron grabs the bag of medicine, and jumps out of the window. Leo follows but gets caught up on the window seal. As he gets caught up, the Crawlers bust the door down. Leos heart is beating heavily, as he attempts to get out of the bondage. He finally breaks lose, as a crawler grabs ahold of his arm.
He forces himself out of the grasp, to only fall back out of the window. The glass clings to his leg, puncturing his skin. He falls to the ground and looks up at the window. The Crawlers were there. They stared at Leo with their bright red eyes, then fell out of the window. The Crawler fell only inches from his feet.

“Come on, Leo.” Aeron turns around.

The window led to a small section of the center that was fenced in. Aeron tried to climb over the fence, but the ice caused him to lose his traction. He falls back to the ground. Leo limps over to him, and picks him up. Aeron thanks him and tells him to go first, Leo gladly took the chance to get away, and began to pull himself up the wires. Aeron turned around to see the Crawlers were now inside of the fenced in area. They had their hands reached out, and were ready to attack! Leo yelled for Aeron to come on. He turns around, sprints towards the fence, jumps and throws himself over the top.

They run around the building, but as they rounded the wall, the noticed that a horde had made their way to the entrance. The whole block was full of Crawlers. Aeron yanks Leo back to the wall and tells him to hold off. This was the safest place for them, since the Crawlers can’t climb. They took a breather, but as Leo fell to the cold ground, a Crawler comes around the corner. He grabs a hold of Leo; Leo screams and begins to pull away. Aeron quickly pushes the Crawler, as the Crawler pushes up, off the ground, Aeron runs the long blade, of the machete, through the head of the Crawler. The rest of the horde heard the scream and made their way to the survivors. Aeron tells him to come on, as he ran back to the square towards the snowmobiles. Leo was following slowly behind, he wasn’t able to spring like Aeron was.

Aeron stops at the car, and tries to light the rope with a lighter, but the lighter isnt working. Aeron continues to try until Leo pushes him to the ground, urging him to leave it alone. Aeron falls into the snow, his head hits the ground. In anger, he gets back up and pushes him back. He picks up the lighter from the ground, and tried to spark a flame, but the lighter wont spark due to it being wet, so he decided to leave it. They head towards the end of the road, but Crawlers were now surrounding the square, their only option was to fight.

The snow made the fight truly amazing. As Aeron grabs his machete and slices off three of the Crawlers heads off, then took a sweet spin, on the ground, and lifted up quickly. The blade ran through the crawlers body, splitting one into two. Leo was on the other side of him, using his hammer to beat in their head. The process was slightly longer, but it was working. A crawler gets pass Leo and knocks the machete out of Aeron’s hand. In a second, Aeron picks up a lying crowbar, and takes a swing. The crowbar splattered a Crawlers head, throwing guts everywhere. Aeron didn’t stop, though. He kept swing. Each Crawler made his way to them, and Aeron took it to himself to finish it. As Aeron fought back, Leo pulled out a pack of matches. He got onto the ground and tried to light the rope. Finally, after many attempts, the flame finally caught fire to the rope.
Aeron saw that the fire was lit, and told Leo that they needed to push the Crawlers back. The car was about to explode. Leo shakes his head and pushes the crawlers back with his hands. One of them broke off, though, and attempted to grab Leo.

Aeron swings his machete, and cuts of the head. Leo slips on a patch of ice and falls to the ground. One of the crawlers got on top of him, and screeched. Leo saw the beasts sharp teeth and began to cry out. The crawler lifted his fingers and lunged them towards his belly, but before he could make contact, Aeron puts the blade of his machete, through the skull of the crawler, blood drips into Leos mouth.

Aeron pulls Leo up to his feet, but Leo falls to his knees and began to puke. Aeron yanks on his arm, and tells him that they need to get going. Aeron feels something, and looks down, Leos arm is dangerously cut open. Leo gets up and begins to run away. When the car explodes, they were launched through the air.

Aeron opens his eyes. The fire was still burning violently. The Crawlers were burnt to a crisp. Body parts were shot around through the square. He sees that Leo was dripping blood, and needed assistance. Aeron tries to get up from the ground, but cant, his leg seemed to be broken. He starts to crawl over to Leo. Aeron feared that he had taking to much of the explosion, and that he was dead. But as he got closer, Leo lifted his arm, showing that he still had the bottle of Insulin they came for. Aeron smiles then falls face first into the snow. The sizzling from the fire echoed through Aeron’s ears. The sound was peaceful. It was much better, than hearing the Screech of Crawlers. 

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Tomorrow will begin the journey beyond the snow. It is the official beginning to the most thrilling story, I have ever wrote. I promise that this story will keep you entertained and thrilled, but also on your seat. You will feel for the characters and learn what it means to hate some characters. I am putting a lot of time into this story, so give me feedback when you can. I am proud to give you the sneak peek of the second episode:

“The people of Fairfield began to leave, one-by-one they were dying, so they thought it would be easier out on the road. They found out shortly after that it was more dangerous than they thought. The fact that everyone was leaving, caused the leader to question his sanity. This led to the leader, Dr. Grey, to begin executing the rest of the known survivors.”

This is the unedited form of this episode, and might change during the publishing process. But this will give you a nice little taste on what you should expect, tomorrow. I cant wait to share with you guys!


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    I will be a gamer! I will quit my writing career, to play a video game every second of everyday! I will leave my wife alone in the room, and come out in the living room and play video games, all night. I will tell my boss that I am not coming to work, so all the focus is on my future dream. I will do it…. I can do…my tears are falling…..this is my chance to become a man….where is my Xbox controller?
Oh my god, it feels so right. I plop in a game, Black ops, and find a lobby. There are a lot of noobs in this dang lobby, ha-ha losers. This will be my first clip that will start my career off right. I round the corner, but there is no one there. I round another corner and still no one there. I lay down on the ground, patiently waiting for someone to come around the corner to pop their head off, yet no one comes around. So I place a claymore on the ground and run away.
The game is quiet, not a single shot has left a barrel. It is thirty seconds into this game, and no one has a kill. I am still furiously searching for my first victim. The game must have kicked everyone off the server, or maybe its all campers in the lobby? I wont give up, though! This is my life now, this is the reason I quit everything, to follow in the footsteps of my GOD! I will make him happy.
    Then out of no where a man jumps out, and plasters my head. I fall to the ground, dead. But I respawn seconds later. I grip my controller tightly, and begin to run across the map to find the one who killed me. I get to the spot that he killed me, and all-of-a-sudden I fall to the ground again, after tripping a claymore. I moaned in anger, but kept the faith. All gamers have those gun fights that they lose, I will recapitalize, and get back into this game. But as I spawned in, a man with a sniper, shot me as he did a 360` no-scope.
    I fell to the ground, again. This time I screamed and slammed my controller to the desk. But then something whispered into my ear. A man from heaven came to me, telling me this is my destiny. This is what I am living for, no one can stop me. I picked up my controller, and began to crawl around my spawn-area. But soon enough, a grenade flopped right in front of me. I tried to get out of the way, but it detonated, blowing a canister of gas up, leaving me for the reaper.
I raged, but that wasn’t going to stop me. There were only a few seconds left in the match, which is all I needed. I have been fighting for this, I am an overcomer! I put my gamer glasses on, and fire myself up as I walked around a brick wall. I got hit markered, but it didn’t kill me. I knew the guys location, it was time to exterminate. I aimed down my sights and rounded the corner. I saw him in the left house window. I quickly aimed, and shot. One hit marker, two hit markers………..end of the match…..I lost. I was about to get the kill, yet I lost.
I went back to the previous game screen, went into the settings, but realized something. There is nothing lower than Recruit on the bots…..I then called my boss back, I begged for my job, he said okay. I then wrote this blog, and now I have to face the deadliest beast in this whole world, my wife……She has been screaming since 1 a.m., I look down, it is 5 a.m.…………I’m dead.

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I told you guys the other day about my mom and dad getting a divorce, and how it affected me. Today, I will  be answering a question, that I thought of as I was writing that post; Would I ever get a divorce?
Ariel and I have been married for almost two-years. That is crazy, since it felt like yesterday was the big day, but two-years have collapsed behind us. These last two years have been the easiest and hardest of my whole life. The beginning of our marriage was hard, since I got us kicked out of our house, which was to happen the day after our honeymoon. I thought at that moment, we were done. She didn’t want anything to do with me, she wouldn’t talk to me, and she was having her family pick her up from work. I knew this was the right reaction to the pain and stress, I put on her, but I was scared. I was scared that I just worked so hard to win her heart, and now with one night, that was all going to end.
Me and a few guys were blamed for shooting a whole bunch of things out around our home with a BB gun. I still think that we were framed, because in the area that the windows were broke, we had never been over there. But we got blamed for ever little bit of damage, which led to an two choice; We either confess to doing it all, or we pay and get evicted. I saw the lies behind it all, either way they were going to evict us. This is when I started to look for new homes, but nothing was available, not for the money that we had.
We just got paying for a wedding, we had $600 to our name, which is nothing to the price of most homes here. When the results came back empty, my cousin put all the blame on himself, blame that wasn’t ours to take at all, and tried to hatch out a plan. He went to the front office and told them to have someone come over. Later that day, the maintenance dude came over. This is the same guy that has never liked me. He spread a rumor, saying I pushed my wife down the stairs and that I blacked her eye. It was all coming together, now. He lied to get me out of the complex. My cousin confessed to false accusations, and we still got evicted.
Now at this point, my wife called off the wedding, she blamed me for everything. I took the blame, and accepted the punishment. Then we sat down and talked; I told her my side of the story, and told her who came over to tell us. She saw what I saw, and chose to put the wedding back on. She was still mad, but she knew that we would get over this together. The day before our honeymoon, we moved into our new home. The first year, we fought a lot due to where we moved into, but we grew out of the anger as we grew together.
The second year was the easiest so far. We haven’t been fighting as much. We learned the art of compromising, which is why we fought so much in the beginning. We both work great jobs, and we are never behind on bills. We have learned to communicate without fighting, which is a big plus. We still have our dumb fights, but we never let them get too crazy. I have been a year sober of punching holes into doors, which is also a big plus. We are at our happiest together, something that can only get better as the years go on.
To answer the question, No, I would never get a divorce. There are times that you are angry, and you wish that you never said those vows, but one good time together erases all the bad. Ariel is one of the only people that understand who I am, she understands my wants, needs, jokes, and can stand my hideous laugh. If she wasn’t in my life, I would be a living hell. She keeps me motivated to do my writing, and to love hard everyday. She accepts the fact that sometimes I am depressed and want to sleep, and there she is cuddling next to me….I would never want to divorce someone like Ariel. She is my rock!

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Today is my birthday. I am sure that Facebook has already told most of my viewers, but if you didn’t know now you do. Today is my 22nd year being on this wonderful planet, and what is a better way to celebrate life than to write about life. I know I should take a break, relax, and stop writing for one day, but I just can’t. This post isnt about that, though. This post is about me, and what I have been doing in the last 22 years.

Today is my birthday, but I wont be having a party. My wife asked me what I wanted to do, and I told her nothing. I don’t want to go out, I just want to relax tonight. I feel like I’m too old to celebrate birthdays. I know that sounds dumb; I’m just not into the celebration part of birthdays, anymore. She wanted to go out, not to drink, but she wanted to go out to eat. Now that I think of it, maybe BDUBS sounds good. I will be happy with whatever we do tonight, but for now, I want to write.

There are only a few birthday parties that I remember, most of them were conjoined with my cousins, since we all had close birthdays. But there was one birthday party that stuck in my head; truly a night that I will never forget. It was my 19th birthday, two weeks after I began to date Ariel.

She was planning on doing something for my birthday, but I had no idea what she was going to do. I know that I never had a surprise birthday party, so I was excited. The night began with her cooking a delightful dinner, or maybe she ordered it. Either way, it was very tasteful. The night was off to the right start. I already spent the day with my sister, so I got that side of the family out of the way. Now I got to spend the rest of the night, laying in the bed with my beautiful girlfriend, eat food, watch movies, and laugh together. For my birthday, she agreed to watch whatever movie I wanted to. I picked Freddy vs. Jason, she flopped in the disc, and we sat there eating and commentating during the whole movie. She is a Freddy fan where I am a Jason fanatic, so the whole movie she was saying that Jason sucked. I told her to shut up multiple times.

The movie was almost to its end, when she brought out a surprise. The surprise was a card. The card was very sweet, but that wasn’t all that she had. She also brought out a cake, a blue cake! It was homemade, and had pink lettering on the top! It was so cute. I went to give her a kiss, and she shoved the cake in my face…..I gave her a piece of her own medicine, as I shoved the icing up her nose. The cake was on the carpet, the bed, the counter, the dresser, everywhere. I think we got to save half of the cake to eat, but the rest was gone. I was wearing most of it, proudly of course.

With our eyes sticky from the excessive sugar, we both took turns at the bathroom sink, washing the icing from our eyebrows, laughing hard still. After we got done washing our face, we went and laid on the bed. The movie was almost to the end, so we turned it off and turned on Pandora. The station needed to be changed, but that was an easy fix. Once the music set the mood, we laid there and told each other, everything. We covered fears, threats, families, movies, music, wants, needs. We got lost into talking that we forgot what time it was.

When I looked down, it was almost 10 p.m. I needed to get home, I told my sister that I would be home at 10. Since I was living with her, I had to obey by a few house rules, even if I was of age. I remember that drive home, though. There was snow on the ground, the snow was heavily falling. The roads were slick from the ice. If you know me, I love the snow, but Ariel isn’t a big fan so she called her brother to come with us. I know that night, I asked her to marry me. Most people don’t know that, but I asked her to marry me. I knew that night, she was the one. When we talked it clicked, but to see that she planned a whole party for me, I was in awe. I wanted to snatch this girl up, before someone else did.

We got to my sisters, I gave her a kiss, and told her that I would call. She said that was fine, and that she loved me. This was the first time we said those words, words that I haven’t said in two years, at this point. I smiled, and said I loved her too. She smiled and pulled off into the winter storm. I wanted to chase her, but I was cold so I went inside. The night was over, but the memory kept playing in my head, all night long.


Have you ever been a part of a divorce? That doesn’t mean that you have had one. This is for those who were children when their parents split, mothers of daughters that got divorced, or even fathers of sons. If you were around someone that got divorced, or you got a divorce, this is for you.
My father and mother got a divorce when I was only seven-years-old. At seven, I had no idea what was going on. I figured that we were just moving to another place, and my father would be meeting up soon enough. That was never the case, though. My sister and me were forced , by my mother, to go to the court hearings. She told us that it was needed for the judge to make the decision. I was lost on what decision the judge had to make, and why I had to tell the judge “mommy not dad.” I didn’t understand then what I know now.
I didn’t know that those simple words were forcing my dad out of my life. I had no idea the weight that the choice had. I felt bad inside for saying “mommy over dad”, which is why I never did. Every time she told me to say it, I would “zip my mouth.” Her anger would spike every time I refused. It seemed that my mother needed me to say those words. Every time that I would refuse, she would tell me something my dad did to her, which later I learned were lies, but at the time I would believe it. I began to hate my dad. This is what she wanted and needed. She needed me to get to the point that I hated hearing “dad” so that I would say “I don’t love dad” or something to show the judge that I wanted to stay with my mom.
I never did say those words, though. No matter what she told me, or what scar she showed me. I never told her that I hated my dad. The most that ever would happen, was I use to hide in a closet when my dad came to pick me up, for his weekend. I hid in the closet out of fear. My mother told me that he was dangerous, and shouldn’t be trust. I believed her, so I would hide as she told him that I was at a friends. She couldn’t get me to say that I hated him, so to have me fear him was her next option. This was right before she kidnapped us.
She didn’t tell anyone where we were going. We disappeared into thin air, and never came back. We ended up in a town an hour and a half from my home town. My dad was lost to where we went, he continued to search, though. As he searched, we were now living a brand new life. She would never mention our dad, unless we brought him up, which she would just bash him. I remember at one time she told us that he was dead, and that was the reason for the move. My heart broke when I heard that he died, because I still loved him. I never formed any hate towards him, how could I? He would always be my dad. I accepted the fact that he was dead, though.
Then one night, he showed back up to our house. I have no idea how he found us, but he did. He stood next to his black car, waiting for my to come out. I saw that it was my dad, and raced for the door. She gave me a quick yank, and threw me to the ground. She then told my sister and me to go to our room. I screamed. I wanted to see my dad, but as I let out the scream, her hand connected to my mouth. At that moment, my sister carried me to the bedroom. I heard shouting outside, as tears flowed from my eyes, I began to pray that one day my dad could get custody of us. He did in the summer of 2005, and that is when the story ended. My mother was  no longer around, she couldn’t face the fact that she relinquished us to foster care, and left. My dad found us again and got us out, though.
It took many years to not fear my dad, which was never a violent man. She brainwashed us so deeply that it took years to get over the false memories, ones that she put in our heads.
     I wanted to write this to show those going through a divorce, what pain can be caused when you tell your family lies. In this certain circumstance, my mom lied about who my dad was. I was deprived from knowing my dad for majority of my life. But the scariest thing is, if I would have listened to her lies in the beginning, I would have been forced to never see my dad. She would have won full custody, then would have gotten a restraining order on him. He would never be able to see us.
     If you are going through a divorce, you don’t have to have everyone hate the other person. You don’t need to tell them stories, especially never brainwash them to hate them all because of what happened in the past. That will cause unneeded pain, that could also cause children to miss out on their parents. 

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I am a week down in one day!
Today is the first day of my vacation! Woot no work for a week! That means that the house is super quiet. The quietness always puts me in the mood to write. There is something about nothing moving that makes my creativity expand. This is great for the fact that I wanted to spend this week writing. I started at 9 a.m. and now it is 12 p.m., which is awesome since I already have six post written. Now this doesn’t mean that I will stop writing through the following weeks. I will still be writing daily, but this will help me stay ahead, and will give me more time to perfect my writing. With more time, I can spend more attention on editing and promoting. I just like the fact that I have been in this writing mood, and already have put a big dent into much of the work, that I need to finish this week.
This week is dedicated to getting enough time stored away, so that I can begin to write my novel. I still have to begin the outline, the structure, and everything else that comes with writing a novel. Since most authors can write a book in six weeks, I decided to challenge myself. I will be challenging myself to write a whole novel (rough draft) in only six-weeks after finishing the whole outline. This will take a lot of time up, which means that I will need a lot of coffee and support from you guys. Which I know is easy, since you guys are amazing!
I made a blog post a few days ago, telling you guys that was mass producing to write my blog, but I felt bad for doing that. Why should I take a break from you guys, so that I can write a novel, when I can do both. I want to be very honest, there is nothing more refreshing than writing daily, but last week, I wrote work for the whole week, on Tuesday, and didn’t write again for the rest of the week. That whole week, I felt really weird, almost sick. I have come custom to writing daily, so when I miss multiple days in a row, I feel like something is missing. That is why I have decided to get a head of the game, but also to manage my time,  so I can write daily. Now I know I would be writing daily, if I was writing my novel, but it isn’t the same as writing a blog everyday for you guys.
So I have decided that I will be making a schedule, so that I can be on top of my game; when I begin to write the novel ‘Drifting away.’ This schedule will give me time to write on my novel, but also the same time to write a blog for you guys. Now some of the post might be written for the future, but still I remind you that I will write daily.
I am proud to see that my blog is entertaining so many people, and I hope that you guys are happy with the next couple months, I can tell you that some amazing things are about to happen. So sit down, strap your seat belts and get ready for one hell of a ride!


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