The workplace sucks!

Posted: February 27, 2016 in Uncategorized
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At one time, me and my wife hated our jobs. I was working everyday of the week, and getting treated poorly. Ariel was also getting treated super poorly. We both had the same kind of boss, one that sucked the joy out of the workplace, and pointed blame to everyone but themselves. If you know me, you know why this took a toll on me, if you don’t, imagine coming up with electricity and someone stealing the credit. You work hard, and someone else makes you seem useless. This is pushed both of us to the point of quitting our jobs! I was already looking for another job, and once I found that job, I swear I would quit.

I didn’t find that job though, so I held still for the time being, but it got worse. My boss was getting worse, at this point things were beginning to happen that were not allowed, and I was getting the blame. Imagine this, A girl gets sexually harassed and wants help, you relay the message to the right people, but nothing is done. That was exactly what happened with one of my co-workers, and I was the messenger.

This went to show me that the boss was no longer someone, I wanted to work with anymore, so I put in my two weeks. During this time, my wife was fed up with her job, and wanted to quit. But she chose to write about it, where I was different. She came up with this amazing idea, one I will now steal and make my own. (All credit goes to my beautiful wife!)

The journal was called “I hate my job.” It was where she would go to vent about her dumb boss, and the employees that would make her mad. She wrote a few pages in the journal, but then wanted to expand it to make others laugh, I brought up the idea of making it a blog. She was going to be the host, I was going to edit the work and post the content. It would be a weekly blog, and would focus on people that are “abused” at their job. This would help those who don’t feel wanted at their workplace, and would give you guidelines to be happier in your certain situation.

I got a new boss though, and things began to get better. Though my wife was still in the same situation, she began to accept the fact that she was better than her boss. She then got to become the boss of her job, so we began to become more happy with our jobs. This blog was then pushed to the back-burner, but everything has a chance for a return right?
Though, we still love our jobs til’ this day, I want to bring life to a blog that could of shifted mindsets in the workplace. I want to resurrect the love that some had for their jobs, before someone started that they didn’t like. It is important to me that people are happy, and if you are like me, you work all of the time. This means that most of your time is spent within the same walls, everyday. When you are forced to be in the same building with people or situations that you hate, you begin to hate everything. So lets change that, it is time for the workers voice to be heard.

I am still unsure of the blog, but now is your time to tell me. If you would like for me to make this a weekly blog post, just say “yes” in the comment section. I will need a lot of support to write this, and I feel the support already coming in. Everyone has a point where they hate their jobs, let me help you love it again….

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