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Posted: February 24, 2016 in Uncategorized
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Themed post?
When I began this blog, I was using an application called “The writing challenge.” This application would give you a prompt for you to write to, then it would add another twist that you would need to add. There was no pausing during the challenge, which left everything up in the air. You could be in the middle of a sentence, and it would ask you to shift your idea in a new direction. I loved the app because it kept me on my feet. There was a slight backbone, but everything was like a tidal wave getting ready to crash into a wall. That was the life of this blog, it set a good guideline to post to.

Since then, I have changed the blog a lot, I have falling from keeping a guideline, or outline. This enables me to post anything that I want, whenever I want, but it hurts me because I have to build thirty different audiences. This leads me to question, is it worth not having to post about one thing, if it is going to lead to more work?

The largest You-tuber “Pewdiepie” is the same way that I am, he doesn’t stick to one idea for long. His channel is a outline free zone, meaning that you don’t go to his page for one thing only. That is what I want, I don’t want someone to come to my page to only read one type of material, but to experience the art of multiple posts. Why have a website if only one type of person can relate? That is the goal for this blog, which is to reach out to everyone. But at the same time, I do have an outline still, it just is different from others.

Recently, I have adapted a weekly themed post scheme. This cuts down on the chaos of posting, and will lead more people to my blog, if they need what is being discussed on those days. I will use one week to focus on one topic. Mondays and Thursdays are the themed days, meaning these days will focus solely on that topic. A few weeks ago, I used those designated days to talk about having faith in yourself. That is because that week I was feeling down about my future, but then I found help, and wanted to share to you guys. The rest of the week was designed to stay true to the original idea of this blog, and that is to stay random.

I don’t plan on comparing myself to Pewdiepie, but when I started to write this blog, I wanted to mold myself around someone who inspired me. Though we are also in two different arts, the creativity levels are almost equal. My art is as creative to some of his art, I see that his humor is almost identical to the humor that I flash to the world, daily. So why not take notes from a man that is being paid to do something he loves.

Impromtdude @

  1. I completely get what you mean! I used to find that I kind of ran out of ideas of things that would ‘fit my blog criteria’ but now i literally just ramble on about whats on my mind and it seems to work! Would love for you to check out my blog sometime! beth 🙂

    • impromtdude says:

      When you blog for extended times, you will find yourself going through the motions. That was the reason for the change. I found that there was no true backbone to my blog, yes I have great material, but it was all random. So in order to keep the same idea, but also better the idea, a change needed to be made. I thank you for reading, and hope that you stick around to see more that will be coming. I appreciate your feedback, and I am excited to read your material! Maybe one day we can team up?

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