My eyesight fails me sometimes

Posted: February 22, 2016 in Uncategorized
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I hate my eyesight so much.
Sometimes I refuse to write, because my eyesight is getting worse. I can see fine, yet someday my eyesight will get blurry. Some of the people that I talk to about it, say it is high blood pressure. But when I think back, I think my eyes are worn out.
When I was fourteen, I would sit in a dark room, and talk to people online. The light would always be the brightest, in order for me to see the letters clearly. This led to me having headaches, that later caused me to have a slight blur. But I never wanted glasses, so I always acted like I was okay, but secretly I was having troubles.

I would always pray at nights, that my eyes would go back to normal, but it seemed that my prayers always fell to the ground. I lost a lot of my faith for the lord due to this fact, but now I know the answers. The real cure to my eye problems was to get checked out when it wasn’t bad. But I didn’t listen. I could’ve got contacts, and lived a normal life, and I still can. But I lost out on so much, I didn’t read certain books, because it takes me longer to read now, because shortly into reading, my head begins to hurt.

I hate the feeling of being held back in writing, as well. When I begin to write, sometimes my eyes will go blurry, and will slow me down, causing me to lose momentum, that causes me to lose a train of thought. I want to get this fixed so that I can be released from the hand of an enemy, but I am scared of glasses.

I don’t want to be made funny of when I get the glasses. I would hate to be bullied, and called four-eyes. This is one main reason, I never got checked. I might have been scared then, but not now. Now, I know that I have to have my eyes when I write, which means that not matter the circumstances, I have to make my eyes healthy, even if it means being called four-eyes.

Are you feeling scared to do something, because your worried of bullies? Remember this, you are beautiful no matter what? Do you have a surgery coming up to remove your teeth, but you are thinking the pain is worth not being made fun of? If so, you are causing yourself unneeded pain. Nothing this world can say, should hurt you. You are stronger than them, because you knew that they were out there, the people that bully, but you still went through the situation. You are strong enough to not care what they think, this shows that you are bigger than them. You are doing you, and who can tell you that you are doing you wrong? No one. So stop worrying about what the world will say, and take a stand for you! 


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