Trust everyone, said no one ever.

Posted: February 20, 2016 in Uncategorized
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The other day, my friend came into work with tears in his eyes. I wanted to give him some space, so I went back to my work, but he wanted to talk. I stopped what I was doing, and listened to his words. He started by telling me that he messed up, and that he was in trouble. I thought that he said something, or cheated. I wouldn’t have expected what he would go on to tell me.
He told me that recently he invited his friend to come stay at his house. His friend had a fight with his girl, and needed to stay somewhere for a few days. He opened his house to this man without relenting. He would have not expected what was about to happen. He thought since this was his friend, that he could trust him.

The man got a call from his girlfriend, asking him to come back to her. He asked if my friend would be mad, he said no, and to go to her. The man moved out of the house, and went back to the girl. My friends life went back to normal with his wife. But then he woke up to the disaster.

He wanted to play video games before his eight-hour shift, so he got up early that morning. He walked down stairs in his boxers to see that his flat screen T.V. was missing. He ran to his connected garage to see that he was also missing his other T.V., Xbox one, Ps4 and, all of the games to go along with it. He knew that this was an act of his so-called-friend, but didn’t know where to find him. His wife was prompted to call the cops, as he came to work.

That was the last I heard about the story, until yesterday. He opens with me at our job, so we always have a little bit of time to talk before the day begins. He finally caught up to the man, and got his belongings back. He asked why the man did it, and he said he didn’t know. He also admitted that the daughter is the one that let him into the house. This raises a question in all of this, Who can we trust?

This weeks theme was “Trust” and who we need to trust, and who we shouldn’t. Should my friend trust this man ever again? Should he stay friends with this man? I couldn’t imagine the feeling that he is feeling, this is the man he has chilled with, and now he is tainted with invading his home. His daughter was there at the door, alone. What thoughts comes to mind about what could have happened? Could you trust someone that has invaded your privacy, as so?

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