Five things you didn’t know.

Posted: February 19, 2016 in Uncategorized
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Now, that we are getting to know each other, you might want to know something I haven’t told you. This post could answer some of your questions, but most likely not, this is just five things you don’t know about me. Lets start!

1. I played the clairnet in band- I wanted to play the trumpet, but I couldn’t get my breathing down. I was horrible at Clarinet, which is why I quit band.

2. I will say ow when something falls, even if it doesn’t hurt me- This is in order for the person to not get mad. How can someone get mad at a hurt person.

3. I will do household chores when I need to write, cleaning is my number one way to procrastinate.

4. I wrote a love story about an ex, but after she broke up with me, I made her a whore in the story. This was the only time I ever used some ones real name in a story.

5. I use to put off all my homework in order to write sermons, when I was training to be a youth pastor. My teachers never caught on since I always turned in the homework. This was also the same time that I used a girls homework the whole semester, to pass a parenting class.
Some of these aren’t as interesting as others, but there are more. So if you want the more spicy ones, give this post a like!

P.s. I have a few new designs for hoodies and hats. They will be posted in a blog when done. If you would want one, please do tell me. If I can get them for cheaper, I will, but for now they will be $40. 


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