I love you, Ariel

Posted: February 14, 2016 in Uncategorized
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Happy Valentines day to you and your love, from here at ImpromtStudios. We hope you have a great night, either your single or married, we hope your night is amazing. Enjoy some candy as you begin to read about how I met my beautiful wife!

I met my wife at a bowling alley during a youth hangout session, that a friend put together. We all went to the same church, except for Ariel (wife), and we usually bowled once a week. This week my friend decided to invite Ariel to come along. I heard about this girl, and began to research her on Facebook. I found that she was (is) a very beautiful girl, with a gorgeous smile and silk blonde hair. The night before bowling while looking at her Facebook, I said “She is going to be my wife!” But complications came in before the night of bowling began.

I didn’t want to go bowling. I wanted to stay home and chill on my sisters couch. This was a lie, I wanted to stay home, because I was nervous to meet such a beautiful young lady. I thought if I messed up my chance with her, then it was all over for me in the dating world. I had one chance to get married, and this was it. I was talked into going by other friend, Sam. He was wanting to hangout that night and I had already ditched him enough, so we ended up going. I was fifteen minutes late to the bowling alley, everyone was waiting on us.

We got our shoes, and began talking in a circle, when Ariel walked up to us. She was so mysterious and beautiful, I barely got “Hi” out. She smiled at me and replied “Hey.” My heart melted. I am glad that the alley was so dark that night, because I am sure that I was blushing.

We began to bowl shortly after our meet and greet, this is when I began to shut down. I saw my buddy, Sam, talking to the girl that I wanted to be with, and since the bro code says you can’t interfere with another mans game, I left them alone. I was there to bowl anyways, finding a lover wasn’t even important, so I thought.

The night went on into the second game, this is when she talked to me. She just hit a strike, and wanted some love, but I ignored her. I walked past her and guttered another pair of balls. This was followed by another strike from her, this time she lifted her hand and said “Aren’t you going to give me some love?” I lifted my hand and connected it with hers, I felt a shock of electricity go through both of our hands. This is when we decided to place a wager on the next game, winner gets the other persons number. I got her number that night!

After I won the game, we sat down and talked for a good time, everyone else was focused on the Jukebox. But I was worried about the girl in front of me. This was the first time that I wanted to actually listen to someone’s life story, and I did. I chimed in a few times with my own stories, but mainly I wanted her to talk. I wanted to know everything about that girl, even if it took all night.

This would have happened if the alley didn’t close, but it did, and we had to leave. But she wanted to still hang out, so we went back to my sisters house and sat on the couch. But with the amount of people that were over there, we couldn’t really talk, and that’s when we went on a walk. We spent a few hours walking (9pm-2:30 am) and talking about everything. I smoothly held her hand for the first time, and then to cap it all off we got rained on. The rain was cold, but I quickly took off my hoodie and gave it to her.

That night would have been amazing with that ending, but there is more. As we got close to the house again, I chose to stop her and kiss her in the rain. This was the time that I promised her that this relationship would be different from any other. She agreed and we kissed for the last time that night. My heart was racing the whole night, thinking about the girl that I said was going to be my wife, is now my beautiful girlfriend, time would prevail, and eventually she would become my wife, all thanks to Bowling and a night full of rain!

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