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Posted: February 13, 2016 in Uncategorized
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Going to sleep without blogging, feels really weird. So here I am sitting in a dark room, writing to you guys, once again. I know that it is healthy to take a night to myself, and work on other things. But when you have been posting everyday for a couple weeks, you can’t expect to leave one night empty. Maybe it is the viewers, or maybe it is the fact that “I love to write”, either way I am here tonight.
I am happy on where I am, and how this blog is doing. The stats could be better, but it is a lesson for me. It teaches me to be patient and do the thing that I love the most, for the joy not for the success. If I was here for a paycheck, then I would starve. I am here for other things though. I have been offered money before, but I am scared the moment I take money for my articles, is when I will begin to focus on making this a career, I’m scared I would start to change how I write, to make more money. Since I want to be a paid writer, that is something that will have to work itself out, this is why I bought a few books yesterday.
I went to Barnes and Noble (Sponsorship?) and bought thirty-dollars worth of writing books, luckily they were on sell. The books that I bought, were made in order for writers to perfect their work.
“How to Write It by Sandra E. Lamb” is a book that teaches a writer how to write: Emails, References, Cover letters, and many more. I had to get this right away. I think it is important to know how to write everything, no information on how to write can be useless. I also bought “Easy guide to Grammar.” As the title explains, I want to get better at my grammar. I was counseled by Peter Simeti, and he told me that I needed to work on my grammar, now with this book, I think I will be able to remove my greatest weakness, my grammar.
Now the final book. “Powerful Writing Skills, By Richard Anderson” is the final book that I picked up, it is a 125-page book to help you become clear and personal, while writing. This book is for business correspondents, but as I read a few pages, I got a lot of information that I will bring into my blog.
Each book will help me become that next-leveled writer. I want to share with you guys more as I read through these books. These books can help you as you look for a job, or as you grow as a writer. Either way, this is a journey that wouldn’t hurt you, to join in with. So if you are being me, give me a like. I want to post findings throughout the week, have another suggestion? Leave it in the comments!  


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