Random Words!

Posted: February 11, 2016 in Uncategorized
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Random word post


       I wanted to give this idea a run-for-its-money, and if it does well then, I will keep it for Wednesdays. In this post, I downloaded a word generator, and I will write a short paragraph about each word. I won’t have time to think of anything clever, so you will get raw Impromptu responses. We did this in school, during speech. So, Why not try it now?
The first word is:

       When you think of a surprise, you probably think of birthdays. I think of babies, I thin of being pulled out of work , and being told that I am going to be father. I have always loved surprises.

        I use to love the snow, but now since I have a hole on the bottom of my shoe, I found that the snow is not so cool, as I thought. We just got another two inches of snow, where I live. I use to run out in the snow, in my boxers. But now I live downtown, and I would hate to have someone get mad about my sexiness.

       What is there to say about Russia? I like rush hour, does that count as Russian? I always seem to be Russian around, trying to pay my bills. But lately, my Russian is slowing down. So I rush less, giving me less stress.

        The last item of tonight’s post, I got one of the best things to mix with cheese. I can’t eat broccoli without cheese. The branches on the broccoli cut off the air in my throat, causing me to choke. I once choked on this vegetable in school. No one saw me choke, so I simply pulled it out of my throat and went on with lunch.  

                                                                                Thanks for giving any and all feedback!

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