My creativity is running out, can we get motivated?

Posted: February 10, 2016 in Uncategorized
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I will sit down some days and not want to write, sometimes the words are hard to splatter on the page. I sometimes have a hard time trying to get the words out, in the way I want them to. It is almost that my brain and hands don’t want to work together, and they fight during the hours that I have to write. When I feel that my brain is fighting to get things done, I begin to become unmotivated to get anything, for the blog, done.
There was a time recently that I posted a blog about my first love and my true love. More time was spent on that post, than any other on this blog. I wanted that post to show you guys that I am trying to get better. Get better? I want to get better at my editing skills and my writing, so I chose to use all my time on that one post. I found myself getting unmotivated quickly though.
I found that that the more I worked on the post, I began to become dull to the excitement I felt, when I wrote it. I was scared that I was about to find, yet another blog, in the trash. But then I began to listen to song, talking about not giving up, on Pandora. That was when I got up and began to chant the posts lines, out loud. I acted as if there was a crowd in front of me, and I was trying to motivate them to stay with their true love. That is when I realized, to get motivated, I need to listen to upbeat music.
I am currently listening to KB. I find that rap music allows for my brain to open up slightly more. The lyrics bring out my creative, where the beats build me up. The lyrics make me think of new ideas, where the beat reveals that I can do anything, even if that is not true. KB is really good at getting me pumped up!
I feel motivated when I listen to music, but that isn’t the only way to get motivated. Remember that motivation comes from comfort. You have to be comfortable to become motivated. You can’t simply get things done, if you are uncomfortable. That is the difference of my post; some post suffer, because I am listening to a slower song that isn’t centered around, heavy guitar riffs or faster beats. It seems that my brain feeds off the quickness.
So if you have a deadline that is coming up, and you are feeling unmotivated, remember to get comfortable. Take a few seconds before you start the project and relax. You will find that if your muscles are lose, then you will be able to get more done. But also find something that is motivating, from music to a certain T.V. show that is on. Your motivation is something that only you can pick. But once you find something that motivates you, things will become easier.    


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