Using Writing Prompts is cheating?

Posted: February 8, 2016 in Uncategorized
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    I fell into a dark place a few years ago, this was the time that I found myself in Writer’s block. Writer’s Block is “The condition of unable to think of what to write or how to proceed with writing” and it is very complicated to get out of. I was unable to proceed with writing, I would have trouble getting pass two paragraphs. I didn’t have a problem coming up with the ideas, I would get bored of writing, it was if something would pull my motivation out of my body, leaving me dead inside. This went on for many months, and ruined one of my blogs. I would shortly get out of it, with the help of something I found at Barnes and Noble.
I was sitting around this week and I ran across my Writing Prompt books, and I thought “Isn’t this cheating the system?” I felt bad for using these books when I was going through such a rough time. This blog was started with a segment titled “Creative blogging,” which are ideas from these books. I truly felt bad for doing this, but then I started to think about what these prompts actually did for me.
When I was in the Writer’s Block, I lacked the excitement of writing. These books would give me a new found excitement, that would lead me to post an additional 200 post to “Impromtdude.” That is when I realized that Writing Prompts couldn’t be a bad thing, but a positive tool to succeed.
Writing prompts helped me open up my mind to be more creative. I remember reading one of the prompts that told me to describe my teacher. Detailing a story was a weakness for me in the past, but after I did this exercise a few times a week, I noticed that my writing was getting better. This was a great sign that I was overcoming my biggest struggles. I overcame my weakness of Writer’s block, when I found my love for writing while completing these prompts.
If you are in a tough rut and need to get out of a writers quall, then why not give these books a chance? It doesn’t matter if you post the answers on your writing platform, or you can write them in the book for future references. Whatever you choose to do with the notes you write is your decision, but soon you will see that all your writing problems will soon evaporate in thin air. This will free your mind and allow you to live your full potential, as a writer. 


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