Message in a bottle!

Posted: February 5, 2016 in Uncategorized
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      When you are stranded on an Island, they say the best thing to do is send a message in a bottle. You first need to write the message (usually asking for someone to save you). You will then need to put the message into the bottle. After you have sealed the bottle with a cork, take that bottle to the ripping waves by the ocean, and drop it in. Now that the process is complete, freely go back to that coconut and continue to attempt to crack it open, while you wait for your savior.

       I liked the idea of the message in a bottle, but you know I can be a little sarcastic at times. This means that something serious, as a message in a bottle, can turn out to be a very funny and bad thing. Funny for those who are reading the message, but bad for the group that I’m with. They would all die on the island for messages like this:

“Help! I have to pee! Oh look, bottle…..well that isn’t good.”

“I like the fire ants I found, holy crap!”

“I haven’t been bathing, sucks to be whoever saves us”

“Uh, what was I talking about?”

“Are you my father? No? Mother?”

“Hey, I saw your ship going by, but I didn’t want to notify the others, that’s why when you came towards us. I pulled down my pants. I am not ready to be abducted by pirates. I am not thrilled about the pirates life! So please refrain from coming back!”

       I have to say that we would be doomed. I would be the reason that all of my friends would parish! But that’s why I wouldn’t be in charge of such a precise job. The message in the bottle is such an important step in being rescued, don’t let just anyone do it!

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