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Could you move across the world to achieve your dream?


I have been thinking back to my college days a lot lately, which is when I decided to come back home to move in a different direction. I was studying pastoral studies in Kansas City, and I couldn’t have been happier, well for the first few months. It didn’t last though, I felt that I was wasting much needed time doing something, I no longer wanted to do. I ran out of the ministry juice, and no longer wanted to study religion. This was after a dream, that woke me up in the middle of the night, and kept me up the whole night. The dream was more a path that I knew I wanted to take, but my fear of failure was outweighing my courage of succeeding.

I wanted to come back home to study locally. This was forced also by not finding a solid job, that wouldn’t keep me from college for a semester. In the dream, I saw myself finishing my first novel, and becoming a world-known writer. I was excited instantly about becoming a professional writer, that the dean-of-students offer wasn’t enough to keep me around. Even though they gave me a semester free, and helped with my rent, I no longer wanted to be there. I left during a Sunday service, and packed up my things. I came back home to Illinois, without telling anyone there. I know it was wrong to do so, with everything they did for me but it was now-or-never, or so I thought.

When I got back to Illinois, I got lazy. I didn’t try to get a job, I didn’t care about the same things as before. I didn’t want to write anymore. I felt like I was wasting my time doing nothing, so I planned to attend another seminary, in order to show those around me, that I didn’t come back to lay around. I never got into the seminary, due to the money issues I was experiencing. But this would change shortly, when I met my wife.

My wife wanted me to follow my true dream, which was to become a writer. She pushed me to go back to college, and get my degree in journalism. But when I showed interest, my job began to want me to pull more hours. With the more hours that I was getting, the less the chance became, that I was able to go to college. This is when I decided that I was going to try becoming published without a degree. This is nearly an impossible task, but where there is a will there is a way. Now that I have started my portfolio, I know the things that need to be done in order to get my name out there. This could lead me to a new location on the map, yes I am talking about moving.

I have started to promote through some amazing items, which I blogged slightly about, last night. But the reality is, sometimes you need to move to become someone in this industry. Springfield might not be the best place for me to try and grow, but at the same time it might be the best place. The question is though; Could I move if it came to it?

The answer is “Yes.” As a writer, I see that my future could cause me to go to another city, state, or country. This is any job, you have to be ready to relocate, and I am. It would be hard, but how could I say that I want to grow but not take the steps that it takes to do so? I can’t, that’s why it is important to ready your heart to do the hardest things in life, no matter the cost.

If you hold back, because of fear, you could miss an opportunity of a lifetime, I will not though.
I have been taking the steps that I need to, and I have seen that it has helped. But time will tell if the steps I have taken will be enough. I pray they are, but no one knows what God has in store, so I give him control, and can only pray that I don’t get in the way!

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Today, using my day off, I met with a woman to get something started. I can’t wait to share this with you guys. If you are ready, tell me!
This amazing thing will be able to get hopefully in the next two months, with new items added.
The woman was excited to work with me, and had amazing ideas. This means that it’s going to blow everything out of the water when it goes public!
Are you ready to see what it is?



At one time, me and my wife hated our jobs. I was working everyday of the week, and getting treated poorly. Ariel was also getting treated super poorly. We both had the same kind of boss, one that sucked the joy out of the workplace, and pointed blame to everyone but themselves. If you know me, you know why this took a toll on me, if you don’t, imagine coming up with electricity and someone stealing the credit. You work hard, and someone else makes you seem useless. This is pushed both of us to the point of quitting our jobs! I was already looking for another job, and once I found that job, I swear I would quit.

I didn’t find that job though, so I held still for the time being, but it got worse. My boss was getting worse, at this point things were beginning to happen that were not allowed, and I was getting the blame. Imagine this, A girl gets sexually harassed and wants help, you relay the message to the right people, but nothing is done. That was exactly what happened with one of my co-workers, and I was the messenger.

This went to show me that the boss was no longer someone, I wanted to work with anymore, so I put in my two weeks. During this time, my wife was fed up with her job, and wanted to quit. But she chose to write about it, where I was different. She came up with this amazing idea, one I will now steal and make my own. (All credit goes to my beautiful wife!)

The journal was called “I hate my job.” It was where she would go to vent about her dumb boss, and the employees that would make her mad. She wrote a few pages in the journal, but then wanted to expand it to make others laugh, I brought up the idea of making it a blog. She was going to be the host, I was going to edit the work and post the content. It would be a weekly blog, and would focus on people that are “abused” at their job. This would help those who don’t feel wanted at their workplace, and would give you guidelines to be happier in your certain situation.

I got a new boss though, and things began to get better. Though my wife was still in the same situation, she began to accept the fact that she was better than her boss. She then got to become the boss of her job, so we began to become more happy with our jobs. This blog was then pushed to the back-burner, but everything has a chance for a return right?
Though, we still love our jobs til’ this day, I want to bring life to a blog that could of shifted mindsets in the workplace. I want to resurrect the love that some had for their jobs, before someone started that they didn’t like. It is important to me that people are happy, and if you are like me, you work all of the time. This means that most of your time is spent within the same walls, everyday. When you are forced to be in the same building with people or situations that you hate, you begin to hate everything. So lets change that, it is time for the workers voice to be heard.

I am still unsure of the blog, but now is your time to tell me. If you would like for me to make this a weekly blog post, just say “yes” in the comment section. I will need a lot of support to write this, and I feel the support already coming in. Everyone has a point where they hate their jobs, let me help you love it again….

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If I am being honest, I would have to say that I fear ever becoming famous. I have watched way to many celebrities lose their minds, and forget what got them to the place there at. They forget to appreciate their fans, as the fans appreciate them. This is my biggest fear, I am scared that I will forget about you guys, or I will get to busy to not respond.

I have responded to every comment that is posted to my blog, not that I am better than anyone, but it shows that I care about every fan. If you took the time to comment, then why can’t I take the time to rely to you? It is my job to make sure you guys are happy, but if I didn’t get a reply (as a reader) I wouldn’t be happy. This is why it is of my importance to ensure every comment gets posted, and replied to. But what if one day the comments are too many to handle?

I fear the day that I have to select certain comments to respond to. I don’t want one person to think they aren’t special, because every fan is special to me. I love all of you, and want to show you guys that. I post for you guys, not for my own. I write because I love to write, but I post so you guys can keep up with me, or so you can have some good material to read on the go. So to ignore one of you, would feel wrong.

This all started over Eminem having a fan message him about his new found cancer. Eminem is a busy guy, so he sent him a quick autograph, which is amazing, but some people on Facebook saw differently. They thought that he could have visited him or done something more amazing. This is when I thought that someday I will be popular, and some fan will want something from me. But what if I am to busy to visit? The thought hurt my heart, a little kid on his death bed wants to see his favorite celebrity, but all he got was a autograph, what would I have done?

This is all to say that I want to be here for you guys until the end. I want you guys to know that I will do anything to show you, I care. If that means that I have to stop a tour of my new novel, then that’s what it will have to be. I wouldn’t want to miss a single memory with you guys, I started out small, and I pray to god that my small mindset never blows up, meaning I hope with the fame to come, I don’t change. I hope that I am always the Blake everyone knows me to be. Money doesn’t matter, like I said, I write for me, post for you. Me writing was never to get money, it was to share my passion with others than myself!

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It is back guys, the segment that keeps one mind thinking. It is the best show in the 217, and one that will be around forever. If you don’t know what it is, then you better pay attention! Welcome to Randomwords! A game where you randomly get a word, and must write about it. You get no chance to stop, and must write what you think first. :Lets get started!

Impulse- This is what I think of when I buy something I don’t need. I will be walking around a store, but by the time I get to what I need, I will have a basket full of stuff that isn’t needed. This is because the power of objects is strong. You will tell yourself you don’t need that, but at the end you will have that item. This is why advertisements exist, its to get you to buy something no one needs.

Danger- I put myself in danger a lot, and I find joy in it. I find that being in trouble is better than being bored. I remember one time, my mother told me not to go down this steep hill on my bike, but I didn’t listen. I went down that hill, and I regretted it. My shoelace got tangled in my chain, and I ended up on the hot asphalt. This led to a concussion and days in bed. My skin was ripped from head to toe, I couldn’t take a shower, because it would burn to bad. I find joy in danger.

Chalk- When I was a young kid, chalk was my best friend. I never had artist skills when it came to drawing, but I found that chalk was the only item that made my art look good. I would spend hours drawing on the ground outside. Now if you flash-forward to middle school, you will see a different use for chalk. I would use the teachers chalk to impersonate a man on cocaine. I would crush the chalk and yes, snort the power. I wasn’t the smartest man, but chalk was my friend, still. 

Thank you, thank you. Please do come again! If you like what is going on here, please let us know! We would LOVE to hear from you!


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Themed post?
When I began this blog, I was using an application called “The writing challenge.” This application would give you a prompt for you to write to, then it would add another twist that you would need to add. There was no pausing during the challenge, which left everything up in the air. You could be in the middle of a sentence, and it would ask you to shift your idea in a new direction. I loved the app because it kept me on my feet. There was a slight backbone, but everything was like a tidal wave getting ready to crash into a wall. That was the life of this blog, it set a good guideline to post to.

Since then, I have changed the blog a lot, I have falling from keeping a guideline, or outline. This enables me to post anything that I want, whenever I want, but it hurts me because I have to build thirty different audiences. This leads me to question, is it worth not having to post about one thing, if it is going to lead to more work?

The largest You-tuber “Pewdiepie” is the same way that I am, he doesn’t stick to one idea for long. His channel is a outline free zone, meaning that you don’t go to his page for one thing only. That is what I want, I don’t want someone to come to my page to only read one type of material, but to experience the art of multiple posts. Why have a website if only one type of person can relate? That is the goal for this blog, which is to reach out to everyone. But at the same time, I do have an outline still, it just is different from others.

Recently, I have adapted a weekly themed post scheme. This cuts down on the chaos of posting, and will lead more people to my blog, if they need what is being discussed on those days. I will use one week to focus on one topic. Mondays and Thursdays are the themed days, meaning these days will focus solely on that topic. A few weeks ago, I used those designated days to talk about having faith in yourself. That is because that week I was feeling down about my future, but then I found help, and wanted to share to you guys. The rest of the week was designed to stay true to the original idea of this blog, and that is to stay random.

I don’t plan on comparing myself to Pewdiepie, but when I started to write this blog, I wanted to mold myself around someone who inspired me. Though we are also in two different arts, the creativity levels are almost equal. My art is as creative to some of his art, I see that his humor is almost identical to the humor that I flash to the world, daily. So why not take notes from a man that is being paid to do something he loves.

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I was a catfish back in the day.


I was 11 years old when I began my career as a catfish. I use to spend nights on Yahoo games, shooting pool with people I didn’t know. There is a chat room that is connected to the game, so that’s where I would pick up my chicks. The conversation would start in a friendly game of pool, and end up in Yahoo messenger. I met some amazing people with this tactic, but also hurt a lot of people with my lies.

I would see a picture of an older girl, and would know that she wouldn’t talk to a eleven-year-old. So I would lie to the girl in order for her to talk to me. I would get a picture off of the internet, of a jock with sexy abs and big muscles, and it would work. The girl would buy it, and would spill her heart out to me, thinking that I was someone I was not.

I tallied up about thirty girls in the summer. Each night was the same, I would wait for everyone to go to bed, then I would sign on and try to get girls to talk to me, while keeping the contacts from former nights. Each night I would meet a new girl and we would stay up all night talking. I would feel so cool when the girl would tell me that I was the guy she was looking for. I was getting four-six of these messages a night. I was making all these girls fall for someone that didn’t exist.

I was chatting with a few girls, one day, when one of the girls broke down. She was being abused and told me that she wanted to leave. She was begging for me to help her, to come and get her out of the situation. I told her that my car was broke down, and that I would have find a way, which was a lie. I didn’t have any intention of helping her, but this was the game, to get every girl to fall for me. Little did I know, this was a serious life, and that this could of led to her being hurt. That was the last time that I talked to her. Someday, I think about her, and will beat myself up. I could have helped her, only if I was honest.

When I couldn’t get a hold of her, I started to wake up to the consequences of my actions. My actions possibly hurt this girl, and if she died it was my fault. I thought about all of the girls that I was talking to, and for the first time, I saw it differently. I actually saw the girls for who they were, it wasn’t about a number now. I was tired of lying, and I knew what I needed to do.

I got on my messenger and messaged every girl that was online, each message was written for the specific girl. I told each of them the truth. I told them my real age, and how I lied to get noticed. The majority of the girls were mad, which was understandable, they would then block me. But something happened that day, something that made me feel good about my decision. One of the girls responded, and told me that she was also lying about her age.

I was shocked when I opened the message, to see that other people were out there, doing the same thing as me. I began to talk to her about why she was doing it, she told me that she was feeling alone, and that no one ever notices her. She was 15, but told people she was 21. I told her about why I wanted to tell the truth. She responded very well to the story, and expressed how amazing it was that I told the truth, but that didn’t help how I felt. I still lied to the girl that needed help. But she had an answer for that also, she said:

“I know what you did was wrong, and you shouldn’t of did it, but people make dumb choices. The only thing that you can do is not do it again. You know the consequences of your actions, and now you get to make the decision. You can now go on with your life, and make the world a better place. It is better that you figured out this now, than later. All will be okay, just pray she’s okay.”

I ended that conversation after three hours of talking. We ended up becoming good friends through messenger, sometimes I wish I could go back and talk to her, but she deleted the account. I like to think that was a way to get me to stop catfishing girls, and it did. The girl opened my eyes to see, this was going to be a lesson. From that day, I have never lied about my age again, I know there is way to much at stake.

Remember, every action you make has a ripple effect. You might not see it, but that doesn’t mean no one was effected. So if you find yourself lying to get ahead in life, remember that someone will be effected, and one day it will catch up with you. Is it worth the pain, you cause others?

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I hate my eyesight so much.
Sometimes I refuse to write, because my eyesight is getting worse. I can see fine, yet someday my eyesight will get blurry. Some of the people that I talk to about it, say it is high blood pressure. But when I think back, I think my eyes are worn out.
When I was fourteen, I would sit in a dark room, and talk to people online. The light would always be the brightest, in order for me to see the letters clearly. This led to me having headaches, that later caused me to have a slight blur. But I never wanted glasses, so I always acted like I was okay, but secretly I was having troubles.

I would always pray at nights, that my eyes would go back to normal, but it seemed that my prayers always fell to the ground. I lost a lot of my faith for the lord due to this fact, but now I know the answers. The real cure to my eye problems was to get checked out when it wasn’t bad. But I didn’t listen. I could’ve got contacts, and lived a normal life, and I still can. But I lost out on so much, I didn’t read certain books, because it takes me longer to read now, because shortly into reading, my head begins to hurt.

I hate the feeling of being held back in writing, as well. When I begin to write, sometimes my eyes will go blurry, and will slow me down, causing me to lose momentum, that causes me to lose a train of thought. I want to get this fixed so that I can be released from the hand of an enemy, but I am scared of glasses.

I don’t want to be made funny of when I get the glasses. I would hate to be bullied, and called four-eyes. This is one main reason, I never got checked. I might have been scared then, but not now. Now, I know that I have to have my eyes when I write, which means that not matter the circumstances, I have to make my eyes healthy, even if it means being called four-eyes.

Are you feeling scared to do something, because your worried of bullies? Remember this, you are beautiful no matter what? Do you have a surgery coming up to remove your teeth, but you are thinking the pain is worth not being made fun of? If so, you are causing yourself unneeded pain. Nothing this world can say, should hurt you. You are stronger than them, because you knew that they were out there, the people that bully, but you still went through the situation. You are strong enough to not care what they think, this shows that you are bigger than them. You are doing you, and who can tell you that you are doing you wrong? No one. So stop worrying about what the world will say, and take a stand for you! 


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The other day, my friend came into work with tears in his eyes. I wanted to give him some space, so I went back to my work, but he wanted to talk. I stopped what I was doing, and listened to his words. He started by telling me that he messed up, and that he was in trouble. I thought that he said something, or cheated. I wouldn’t have expected what he would go on to tell me.
He told me that recently he invited his friend to come stay at his house. His friend had a fight with his girl, and needed to stay somewhere for a few days. He opened his house to this man without relenting. He would have not expected what was about to happen. He thought since this was his friend, that he could trust him.

The man got a call from his girlfriend, asking him to come back to her. He asked if my friend would be mad, he said no, and to go to her. The man moved out of the house, and went back to the girl. My friends life went back to normal with his wife. But then he woke up to the disaster.

He wanted to play video games before his eight-hour shift, so he got up early that morning. He walked down stairs in his boxers to see that his flat screen T.V. was missing. He ran to his connected garage to see that he was also missing his other T.V., Xbox one, Ps4 and, all of the games to go along with it. He knew that this was an act of his so-called-friend, but didn’t know where to find him. His wife was prompted to call the cops, as he came to work.

That was the last I heard about the story, until yesterday. He opens with me at our job, so we always have a little bit of time to talk before the day begins. He finally caught up to the man, and got his belongings back. He asked why the man did it, and he said he didn’t know. He also admitted that the daughter is the one that let him into the house. This raises a question in all of this, Who can we trust?

This weeks theme was “Trust” and who we need to trust, and who we shouldn’t. Should my friend trust this man ever again? Should he stay friends with this man? I couldn’t imagine the feeling that he is feeling, this is the man he has chilled with, and now he is tainted with invading his home. His daughter was there at the door, alone. What thoughts comes to mind about what could have happened? Could you trust someone that has invaded your privacy, as so?

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