First love Vs. True love

Posted: January 26, 2016 in Uncategorized
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First love vs. True love
        The moment you lay eyes on this person, you will feel something that no other boy/girl has ever made you feel. You will feel something inside not only your gut but also inside of your heart. It will feel warm yet cold. Being nervous is only one of the many things that being in love for the first time will bring you. As you dive deeper into this wonderful feeling. You will feel security, hopefulness, happiness, love, chills, and a clear mind.

       As you fall into love with the special person, you will begin to change for the better. You will realize that you are challenging yourself more, and hating yourself a lot less. You will begin to set goals that before you didn’t know you wanted to achieve. The awesome part is that this person will be by your side the whole time. They will push you to become the person that you want to become, and you will do the same thing for them. When you fall in love for the first time, everything in the world will slowly becomes about this special person. You will pick up new likes and dislikes as you begin to see his/hers. Their needs will become your needs. You will do anything to make sure that both of your needs/wants are met.

        Sadly, first loves don’t always pan out to the wedding day, but that is fine. You will take something from the time that you had with them. You will know what you want in a relationship, and you will set out to find someone just like that person, this person will be called “The True love.” This is the person that you will love for the rest of your life. They will make you feel like the first love, but a lot happier. As the first love, they will also push you to go farther in your dreams and passions. You will feel more open with them than you have ever been, especially after the heartbreak you experienced with the first love, they will repair your walls and teach you that its safe to love again. You will be happy again, yet deep inside you will still think about your first love.
         I was thinking the other night “What if my first love came back into my life?” I wasn’t the lucky one to be able to stay friends with my first love. Her family had a big part in that decision, and since I wanted the best for her, I let her go. It hurt more than anything that I have ever experienced in my life to let her go. But time healed my broken heart and I finally got married to the love of my life.

        I still think about my first love and that’s okay, I gave her a part of my heart. To think I won’t think of her is insane. I want to know she is safe, but then the other night I began to question myself. “what would I do if she wasn’t okay?” I have a wife to care for, I can’t leave and help her. But then again, she was my first love. I would do anything to help her, that is what I promised her. 

         This question is almost like asking “Would I let my wife or my child die, if there were complications in delivery.” But then as I began to type this post, I started to think. If True love is stronger than first love, then I would be able to confidently make the decision to help her. My love for my wife is stronger than the love I ever had with my first love, and it always will be, nothing in the world could separate us. My first love will always have a spot in my heart, but that’s all. Anything more than a thought is simply impossible.

         So if you are dealing with someone that came back into your life and you are wondering what you should do, remember the feeling that you had when you met your first love, and now think of the feeling you had with your true love. Which ever one is stronger indicates your true love.  


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  1. sublime says:

    I love this. Thank you:)

    • impromtdude says:

      Thank you for taking a chance to read. I am happy that you loved it. Please do tell me, what part do you love the most?

      • sublime says:

        You said that nothing compares to the love you have for your true love than your first love. I just recently had my heart broken by my first love who I thought was my true love. You’ve given me hope that I will be able to feel again with my true love who I do not know yet.

      • impromtdude says:

        I know the feeling. Of course since I wrote this haha. But in all seriousness, I know that it hurts. I thought the girl that was my first love was the one. But then to have her leave when it wasn’t her choice hurt the most. But I figured out that if you take what you learned from loving for the first time and make yourself a better person through it, will make you stronger and more lovable. It will get you ready for that true love. Mine came shortly after my first love

  2. sublime says:

    This usually doesn’t happen. True love. You are truly living a miracle. I will be honest, I never expected to find someone that would be this close to me, until he took it away. I also never have had a reptionship before him, because I saved everything for him. He made me believe he was different, which he is. I fell in love with him for a reason, and he made me believe he would stay with me forever. He took that away last week. I’ve never been in so much pain. But you’ve given me hope that time can heal a broken heart.

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