Snow is coming

Posted: December 21, 2015 in Uncategorized
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     There are a few white substances that people love in this world. There is cocaine that leaves you drained and wanting something more. There is powered sugar that leaves you happy at first, but can cause major teeth issues if you eat too much. There is salt that will make your steak taste amazing, yet will leave a bitter taste in your mouth after the steak is gone. But there is one substance that will never fail to bring joy to your heart. The substance might make you want to cuddle with your blanket, or with a love one. This is fine though, because that is what the great thing is about this substance. It can take a broken family, or broken heart and make it whole again. It will take those who hate to be close to others, and make you wish those people would never leave your side. The substance is good to eat also. There is nothing unhealthy about eating this amazing object, actually it is very healthy for you. It might not have the protein like that steak, but can you make a snowman with a steak? The answer (even if you could) is no! You can only make a snowman with Snow. The best white substance that will never leave you dry.
    Snow is my favorite thing about Christmas. There is something about a cold object hitting my eye balls that makes a warm and angry feeling in my heart shoot up to 100%. I can’t tell you how many times I have been walking and have to rub my eyes because of the snow getting into my eyes. But none the less, snow is the ultimate joy found every winter, and guess what? Its coming soon.
In some places, the snow has already found its way to the ground. But for Illinois, we have to wait until at least March. Usually we would have to wait until my birthday to get some snow, but I feel this year (in a few years) we will have our first white Christmas. I would get your snow boots ready, because we aren’t talking about just a little bit of snow either. I am predicting and praying for at least 10 ft. That way we are forced to stay inside with our families instead of going out to shop. This Christmas, I want to see more snow ball fights and less snow in a can.
Snow is cold, and most cant stand that fact. But what fun is it to grab snow in a can and play with that? That is like grabbing a rubber hotdog, putting ketchup on it and taking a bite. In theory its still a hotdog, but in reality its rubber! Snow in a can should be used for only one thing. To fill the trash can. Yes take that fake crap and throw it in that plastic bag, tie that bag up now and throw it in your dumpster. You wont need that this year, but you can go outside and play in the real stuff. Because as I said before the snow is coming. We will have the most beautiful Christmas in Years! Are you ready?

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