12 days of Christmas: Decorating the Christmas Tree!

Posted: December 14, 2015 in Uncategorized
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         My dad came down this last weekend, which put my wife into the mood for the holidays. This always includes putting up the dang Christmas tree. Last year, it took almost three hours to decorate the tree. I couldn’t get the lights to stay on the tree, I even watched videos on YouTube. I found out that I was putting the lights on wrong. I figured that I wasn’t suppose to tie the lights to the inner part of the tree, which is what I was doing. I wondered why the lights didn’t look like those on lifetime, Now I know.

        This year, my dad was excited to put up the tree with us. We decorated the whole living room with lights and  bulbs. Of course I had to gripe about my dad not fluffing the tree enough! It felt nice to decorate the house this year. With the house decorated, I can say that it feels like Christmas at the Jenkins house now. And my favorite part is that my dad put the lights on the tree this year, which means YouTube wasn’t needed. Sorry to those guys that specialize in those kind of videos.
The tree looks like this:


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