Letters to the Chapel: The New Beginning!

Posted: December 11, 2015 in Uncategorized
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I am walking through the woods in the middle of the night. There are sticks and branches spread throughout the woods that could trip me up. In order for me to see, I pull out a flashlight that I found a couple years before this moment. I illuminate the ground to see my path was clear this whole time. I feared that I was going to be tripped up because I couldn’t see. The branches weren’t the only thing that I had to fear in these woods though. There are creatures out in these woods, and they want to snatch my light, and take my soul away from me. But as I hear them move towards my position, I flash the light in their eyes. They are unable to stay in the light, because they are made of darkness. They run away in fear of being wiped away. But as soon as I would see them leave, I would shut off the light. They would see that I put down the light. They knew that I was defenseless. They saw a chance to attack, and did.
I wanted to walk through the woods without being attacked. There was such wonder in those woods that I had to know about. But I was scared to go back into those woods without the flashlight that I had, so I left those woods and followed down another path. This path was a simple bike path that led to a place that I was comfortable. But Soon that path led back to the woods that I was trying to stay away from. The temptation was too strong one night as I walked by the woods, and I walked back into the dark void. I couldn’t see without the light, but something was pulling me in by my shirt. I got lost that night. I heard growls and screams as I ran through the oak trees. On the left, I could see red eyes, and on the right I saw blood. Each direction was going to lead me into something I couldn’t fight alone. I knew at this time that I had to get that light back, but it seemed to be to late. I gave that light away to the darkness, since I thought I didn’t need it anymore. I was very wrong, now it might cost me my life.
I continued to search through the woods and came to a light that acted as my way out. I wanted to scream and run towards it, but my feet were sinking into the ground below. I tried to pull my feet out, but the more I pulled my feet, the deeper I would go. My body was sank into the soft soil under me, but I was still fighting to break free. That is when I saw something standing in the exit. He was tall and bright. His face was hard to make out, but his presence was warm to my heart. He came up to me and held out his hand for me to grab. I figured this was trick, so I pushed away his hand. He shook his head and held out his hand again. I screamed for him to leave me alone. He stood there still holding out his hand. I denied his help again, this time a tear formed in his eye and fell to the ground. Something inside my body broke as I grabbed his hand. My body felt as if it melted at the touch of this man. My heart had broken to the tenderness of this man. I felt my body being lifted from the mud. It wasn’t long before I saw my body in a whole.
I tried to leave the woods through the exit, but this man stood in my way and pushed me to the woods again. I denied his help again, but he put his hand on my back. He began to push me, non-violently, towards the center of the woods. I started to cry out because I knew what the center contained. The center of the woods is where the monsters are. I knew from my previous experience that I couldn’t win the fight against the creatures. This man on the other hand had full faith in me. Every time I tried to turn around, he stood in my path to the exit. He would simply point his finger towards the middle of the woods. I finally gave up the fight and ran towards the center of the woods. But when I got to the center of the woods, there wasn’t a dark void anymore. But I was able to see all of the creatures. They were burning from the thunderous light that was shining now. They were grabbing their bones and breaking their own necks. I didn’t have to lift a single finger towards them, but with this mysterious mans light, they had no choice, but to run and hide. Some of them got away, I wanted to chase, but the man told me it wasn’t time to face them yet.
It was then that I knew that he was what I pushed away my whole time traveling. He was the source of my flashlight that I left the enemy have. He was the hope that pushed me back into the woods. All of the fights that I endured in these woods would have been lost if it werent for him. He was the light that I needed to win. I sat down with him after the battle, and asked him a few questions. He was quick to answer all of the questions. But took a few seconds when I asked him the last question. He looked at me with passion in his eyes as I asked “Who are you? What is your name?” He paused for a few seconds and answered “The light of the world.” He then grabbed my hand. I felt a jolt of energy enter my body as he slowly lifted his hand off mine, he then continued to talk. “I am the light of the world. I have given you the key to walk through these woods at anytime. Now you don’t have to worry about being alone, because I have given you my light.” He smiled and disappeared into the thin air.
I woke up  on the ground of a loft miles from my home. I had tears flowing from my eyes. The dream had felt so real. As I looked up at the ceiling, my friend appeared. He sat down with me and began to talk to me. I had all these questions, so I began to ask him questions about the dream I had experienced. He told me that “the woods I was in is life and the flashlight was my faith I had as a kid. The creatures that I felt on both sides was the people that never wanted me to succeed in life. The eyes is the hard times that always forced me into depression. The screams are from all the pain that I have been through in my life, and the blood is from the mistakes that I made.” Then I asked him about the other path, he answered. “That is from the time that you died inside of your own skin, and chose to live a dead life, but then you came back to life because you felt something was different about life. You then walked back into the woods, and fell back into the same temptations that left you dead before. But this time you ran from them, but it was too late. You fell for the things that wanted to take you six feet under. At that time you cried out for help, that is when you saw the mysterious man. You pushed him away but as you saw he never left your side. The tears the man cried was to show you that he loved you, he then pulled you from the grave and gave you new life. This new life was the strength you needed to face all of your fears and failures that were found in the middle of the woods. But as he walked with you, the fears and failures didn’t feel so strong anymore. They had no other option but to forfeit their grasp on you. But some of them got away. That is because in life there will always be a fight that has to be fought. That is why this man gave you the light. That way you know he is always there with and for you. Now you can go through the woods of life and not fear. All you have to do is have faith.”
I was so baffled by what he said, I asked him one more question. This is the question that I needed to know the answer to the most. “Who is the light of the world?” He chuckled as he looked up at the cross. I saw his view being shifted, I followed and saw what he was pointing his eyes to. I knew now that this wasn’t a dream. But that I had just met with the Savior of the world, Jesus. On that cold February night I turned my life around for the better, knowing that I was in the battle of a lifetime. A battle that I didn’t have to fight alone!

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