Tim Tebow is no longer an Eagle. Future looks rough.

Posted: September 5, 2015 in Uncategorized
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      Tim Tebow has been released from the Philadelphia Eagles on 9-4-15 the day before the 53-man roster is due to be in.
       Tim Tebow went 11-17 in his passing attack against the New York Jets in the teams last Nfl Preseason game. This game was Tim’s last opportunity to show Chip Kelly that he was worth one of his roster spots. As of yesterday, it seemed Tebow Time was about to reoccur with the trade of M. Barkley after his poor preseason performance.
      Chip Kelly gave both of the players a half of playing time to impress him for the third-string QB spot. Tebow outshined Barkley in all areas of play. Where Barkley only had 45 yards in 4 completions and 1 interception. Tebow had 189 yards in only 11 completions, but also had a pair of touchdowns with the blemish of one interception.
With the cut of T. Tebow, this puts him in the Free Agent pool for the third season in the row, going into week 1. It seems that this is the end of Tebow, where no other team is seeming interested in this Florida Superstar.
        Tebow led the Denver Broncos to the Division title against the New England Patriots after beating Kyle Orton out of the starting spot, after a 1-4 start to the season by Orton. Though he got to the divisional title, he would be dominated leading to a 45-10 loss. Patriots would lose to the Giants in the Superbowl.
Championship Bound- My Rap about Tebow (2011)

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