Impromtthoughts: NFL, We’re Pregnant, and Church

Posted: September 1, 2015 in Uncategorized

Today we get to do another addition to my new favorite segment, ImpromtThoughts. This segment was a giant questionable keeper when I first started it, but now I love it. I love the fact that I don’t have to stick to one thing, but get to cover three topics in one post. Today we will be talking about news in the NFL, How everyone around me are getting pregnant, and my view on Church as of right now.
I love to spend time watching ESPN and reading articles on I think the reason why I watch it so much is to keep up with changes in Fantasy football. I have learned that if you are wanting to win any championship in Fantasy anything, you will need to keep up with the news around the league.
I was in the first draft of the season, and I wanted to get as many of my old players from last year as I could. This included the WR from Green Bay, Jordy Nelson. If you have been keeping up with the NFL then you know already why I was about to make a giant mistake. Nelson suffered a season ending ACL injury. But since I was watching the news, I knew why I shouldn’t draft him. But there are a few more things that have recently changed.
Robert Griffin III has suffered the last few seasons with a few injuries that have limited him to 20% playing time in the last three seasons. The coaches for Washington released Saturday that they are planning to move on from Robert. They have recently made Kirk Cousins their starting Quarterback. Griffin will receive $16,155,000 in 2016 (Injury Only). And with no one interested in the scrambler, it seems that the Redskins will have to take the hit.
Adrian Petterson has not received a single handoff this whole preseason, which has me scratching my head. I agree with most that Petterson is one of the best running backs in the league, but after sitting out for almost a year, you would think that they would want to feed him the ball from Bridgewater, in order for him to gt use to the new offense additions. This has me wondering two things, are they moving on from Petterson? But that would be crazy, they signed him again for some reason. So then with that being said, I think that they are personally wanting to contain their beast until they are ready to devour their victim.
Now to the second topic, pregnancy. I have always been off and on about having kids. But recently, everyone has been getting pregnant, to the point that I am the only one at my job that is in a steady relationship, and don’t have kids. It makes thing that my turn is coming up very shortly, which freaks the hell out of me. I am not ready for a baby when at times, I can’t even raise myself. I fear that without being able to take care of myself at times, then that means that I will fail as a parent, such as a mother I once knew. I just hope that this virus in the air doesn’t infect me with a kid. That would be a blessing but also a disaster, all at the same time.
Since we are talking about kids, why not talk about the man up in the sky that gives us kids, right? I am a Christian, which means that I follow the one true God and will until I die. I promised my father a few months ago, that I will be in heaven with him. This means that I will have to follow the God he follows, which is cool with me. But there is a problem. I don’t like the churches in my area. I have attended a few and each one rubs me the wrong way, which has pushed me out of the church fully. So if you are in the area and know of a good church, comment below. 

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  1. aroseminer says:

    Lakeside Christian church. On Toronto rd. in spfld.

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