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I was once lost but now I am found. I was blind by the lights of the Gridiron, but now can see the field. I have spent hours scouting players, studying team stats, fighting tired eyes to project this season in the NFL. Somehow my marriage didn’t fail through this, which I am glad. But now that I have all of this information, I want to share it and discuss it with my friends, fans, and family.
I am officially the owner of my second page on Facebook, called Gridiron Retreat. This wonderfully new-trenched page will bring you the latest news and predictions in order to keep you updated as you go into yet another week of the greatest game even played, football. This site contains the predictions of who to pick up in fantasy, who to pick in NFL Pick-em leagues, and who will win each game of every week. Not only will there be these things but also stacking the page, will come news on injuries, trades, drops, and starting positions. With this full-fed meal of information, you should be able to wipe up your opponent in any of the leagues your involved in.
Fan interaction is wanted and needed. No one likes to be alone when discuss the most entertaining sport in the world. So I will be posting certain status’ in order for the crowd to chime in on what they think about what has been said. No rules will be in place.
While discussing on the post. Trash talking is fun to do, but if I see that it is taking to far as it becomes harassment, this could result in your comments to be deleted. But it would need to get fully out of hand for that to happen. It is again fun to do, just try to stay humane when you comment.
So without further a-do, go like my new Facebook page called Gridiron Retreat. This is your manly retreat, show your NFl pride today!

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Madden Loser Drafts

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Are you a big football fan, but don’t have any friends to join a fantasy football league with? Or do you believe you are not good enough to face off against strangers on your smarts about the players of the gridiron. I know how you feel, it can suck. But what if I told you, I had a solution? And all you would need is an old copy of madden? You would probably be happy, now wouldn’t you?!?
I have spent a few hours on this project, and have nearly perfected it. I can’t believe that it was as simple to make as it is to play. All you have to do is begin a new season, do a fantasy draft and begin to rack up the stats that will go on to be your overall score, such as normal fantasy football! Remember to turn off these four things if you don’t want the challenge: Pre-existing injuries, sim injuries, injuries, and salary cap. I turned them off in order to give a “perfect” play through. But you can do as you want.
I came up with this idea when I couldn’t wait for my next week of fantasy football, and didn’t want to dish out the money for “Ultimate team.” So I made this great game where you fantasy draft 10 players then let the draft auto pick the rest of the team. You get to pick a Qb, RB, 2 Wr, Te, 2 Cb, MlB, Dt, and K. This is now your overall set-up.
Now don’t think that the four defensive players you drafted will make for your whole defensive score. The reason you pick the four defensive player is to give you four players that you can trust as the draft can pick anyone for you. This will ensure that you have a decent defense no matter what happens. Now if you choose to go a different way and draft a SS instead of a Dt, that is your choice. Just remember you are graded on how many sacks you get in the season. Every point you receive can make or break a game.
Now with your team set, it is time to set your division, in order to know who you will be playing fantasy against. I chose the top 4 teams in the nfl ranked by their overall due to the draft: I chose these four teams: (NFC) Bears and Saints and (AFC) Steelers and Colts. You can choose the teams all based on who you want to play against.
If you don’t like the draft picks that you got (the ones you picked) you can do two things. You can trade to one of the non-fantasy teams, but the player that you trade for must sit out one week, count this as his “moving bye week.) If you can’t wait for the waiver to clear, then it is best if you hit the free agency. The only bad thing about Free agency is that there are lower ranked players, but sometimes the “Sleepers” are the best.
With you having your line-up, now is time to know how the scoring works.
Completion = 1 point
Incompletion = -1
Yards = 1point/20 yards
Touchdown = 5
Interception= -2
Fumble = -2
Sacked = -1

Yards = 1 point/ 10 yards
Touchdown = 6 points
Fumble = -2
Carries = 1 point per touch

Dropped passes = -1/drop
Td= 6 points
Yards = 1/10 yards

Def- This includes ( 2 Cbs, 1 Mlb, 1 Dt) (only these players can be selected in draft, but the score is based on whole defensive play!)
Points against = -1/point
Yards = -1/ 100 yards
Sacks = 2
Tackles = 1/tackle
Int = 4
Recovered fumble = 2
Tds = 5

Fg made = 2
30+ = 4
Fg miss (30 yards) = -2

If you like “Loser Fantasy drafts” please give me a shout out and I will play with you. It will be fun to interact with other football lovers. Thank you. Enjoy!!!!

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     Letters to the Chapel Ep. 1 If you haven’t read Ep. 1 go take a glance.

     There we were, sitting three rows from the man with the big black book. Little did I know that this would be my last time in this building. The old people that I came to like, would shortly be cut from my life. All of this to follow my dads rules. This would be the start of some of the best times in my life, yet would bring some of the worse moments to my life.
My dad had a friend, and this man went to this group each week that was to be the most loving people ever. At first, I would have agreed, but as you read in the previous letter, that isnt how this story would end. They were not always deceiving hypocrites, it all came with time and enough want of one specific thing, Power!
The first time that I attended this group was very unpleasant for me. Imagine me with crusty eyes from late night sportscenter, bad breath from rushing out of the house due to oversleeping. I am sure that I even had a sexy cow-lick placed perfectly on top of my head but I’m not sure. I know this though, I was not in the mood to sing or to dance as this group was. They seemed addicted to energy drinks or something, with the movements they were making, especially at 10 a.m. What ever they had, I sort of wanted. But as soon as their energy began to enter my body, they had all of us sit down, and began to lecture us about their beliefs on the after-life. A room of believers filled the air with “Amens” and “Glory.” I had little to no idea what these words meant, so I marked it off as something only these crazies did. It made me uncomfortable, but next to me, my dad seemed to be in delight. This was the first time since I was a kid that I saw him this content, so I went with it. I acted like I was paying attention during the meeting, when in all honesty I was thinking about what the girl-of-the-week sent to me the night before. I wanted to ditch the meeting to reply to the “Fun” that was placed on hold due to falling asleep, and as I said before I was unable to reply that morning because I overslept. This pushed back the “Encore” until I got home from the two-hour ride in a fully loaded truck. But once I got home, let me tell you it was going down.
So with the blood barely flowing to my skull, I kept my heavy eyes open, since that was what I was taught to do. Anytime you went to a group setting, you kept your sorry butt up, it didn’t matter if you were tired, bored, or sick; you owed the man on the stage your attention. And though I didn’t care much about what they were saying on the stage, I was raised to respect the man, so I did just that. I think I even took a note or two, which is something I did as a child. My dad would buy me and my sister a note pad and we would be able to draw things on this pad. But with the lack of artistic talent I had, I was forced to listen and take notes, this never changed. I was always bad at art, so I would end up with a pile of paper, or a scribble on my giant pad of paper, either way I was productive.
I remember the joy that I had in my heart the moment I heard the guitar strumming begin. I think my heart even jumped a bit out of my chest. I was so excited that this day was almost over, all I had left was the one song, then I could tease myself with going home. But that wasn’t the case, like every week after this one. I was forced to talk to the crazy crowd of teary eyed believers. Trust me I tried to leave without encounter, but they caught me on the way out of the bench. They greeted their selves, I smiled that was it, not a single word came out. But they were not satisfied with my silence, so they began to interrogate me with some similar questions such as; “Where are you from?” “How old are you?” “Are you single?” Yes all of the girls wanted young Blake, nah I am sadly joking. All of the young girls were in one group, a group that I wasn’t going to even attempt to talk to. I knew how that would turn out, and since my Dad loved this place, I would have been stuck in my self-made embarrassment. To this day, I never talked to the “Cuties,” well not at this group setting, anyway. The crowd that approached me were the elders, a scarier version of the believers. They were like super-believers. Each one of the Scares had their own stories of how this place changed their lives, and how I needed to give it a shot. I agreed to get away from them, so I could go outside and call the girl-of-the-week. But that never happened on this day. I attempted to avoid a group of scares to run into the leaders son and his beautiful wife, she instantly gave me a hug and let me tell you, she smelt as beautiful as she was. Since I was a boy, I decided that they were someone I wanted to know, not knowing they were leaders of this group. They took me into the same office that the beginning of this segment started, to talk to me about my future in this group and how I should come back. I didn’t have an option either way, so I lied and told them I was excited to be a part of this place. They fell for the lies and smiled. I high fived the man that would go on to change my life, and hug the biggest inspiration in my life to this day. Well that isn’t fully true, but that will be discussed further next week.
This was the second episode of Letters to the Chapel, a segment that follows my previous walk with people that I trusted with all of my heart. Some things seem amazing at first, as a golden door to a palace. But in a moment, this could change into a dark shadow.

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When I was growing up, I was always listening to Country music. But now-a-days I would have to say if a kid is listening to music, they are listening to some wicked rhymes. I could bet money on this and win every time. The kids these days are wildly influenced by Rap, which scares me, since most rap songs contain sexual references, gang violence and drugs. But through all of the weed clouds, I was able to find an inspiring Christian rap group that speaks life through the darkness that others have caused. Michael Sullivan, the lead man of 878, took a seat with me and answered a few of my questions before his Album drops here, very shortly.
Mr. Sullivan grew up on the streets of Springfield, Illinois. While growing up, Michael failed to ever have a father figure in his life, this would lead to a rough beginning to his life as Little Mike was abused mentally and physically by his mothers boyfriends. While looking for guidance, Michael found the love that he wanted through the rough streets of Springfield, which led to selling drugs, theft, and vandalism. His actions were justified through the system, as Michael was put behind bars, this is where he met the God that he bases his songs around. Though Michael gave God all control, he still felt that he was alone as he battle through depression and addiction. Michaels faith was stretched to the limits when his cousin that helped produce his music was murdered. Michael referred to his cousin as his “Best friend.” With the loss in the family, Michael was about to give up on his faith, but even with him pushing God away, he was still shown an unconditional love that caused his heart to turn back to God. This was when he met his beautiful wife, Gloria in 2013. Thinking that he was finally going to have true happiness, Michael lived in harmony. But Glorias’ health gave up, causing her to have 10 surgeries, which almost caused her loss two times. With his wife in and out of the hospital, the young and happy family couldn’t keep up with their bills and lost their home. Michael was now homeless with a passion of music and a heart of prayer that would cause him to move to Florida to follow his dream led by God.
Before leaving for Florida, Michael began a group called 878. This name was very unique to myself. But then Michael filled me in to why he called it as it is. His cousin Christopher B Nesch opened the doors to this studio in 1998, in order for those who were unable to record due to cost, could still record. To Chris it was all about unity of one-another and the love of hip-hop. Chris formed the name when he spelt Tru through the numbers on a dial pad, which formed 878. This was to form Tru Rekordz, but the name had already been taken by another studio, so Chris decided to keep it 878 Rekordz, keeping the meaning in-tact. 878 was explained to me by Michael as “God is in the midst of us forever.” As the 8s on their sides are the sign of infinity, and the 7 represents the number of perfection, which is God. But 878 stands as a representation of anyone who represents Christ, and for those who are affiliated with them in the goal of spreading the gospel, of Christ, to the world.
Michael refers to “The art of music” as the expression of one person, and spends a lot of his time perfecting the beats that he creates and shares with his Partner in music Will B Loki. Michaels main goal though is to reach everyone that he can, which forces him to create content that many can relate to. This, he feels, will cause him to shine brighter as an artist trying to make it. But when asked how he responds to hatred by those who don’t believe in the rhymes that he spits about Christ, he responded “It just lets me know how lost the world really is and how much they are in need of a savior and makes me want to do my music that much more and spread his love.” His passion is undeniably amazing.
878 will be releasing “The day of Atonement”, which has a demo already out, in order for you guys to hear the amazing work behind the young group. In order for you guys to hear the work of 878, there will be a post tomorrow working around their talents. But I can tell you that with the heart and mind of Michael, and his inspirations being: 2 Pac, Lecrae, Trip Lee, Mercy Me, 3 Days Grace. You will be guranteed to find a song that you will find your head nodding to, and your heart being tugged towards.
Michael would like to thank these people for his success to this point: God, my wife, my family and everyone who supported me and I can’t forget about my dog Sullie nickname “Studio Dog”



878 Q and A

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When did you begin to rap? 
• What was the inspiration behind picking up the Microphone? 
my love for music

• What genre of music would you say your music falls under? 
Christian rap

• As a writer, I have had a lot of past projects. Tell me about your past projects?
 in 2000 I dropped my first secular album then 2004 i dropped my first Christian album

o What did you learn from those projects? 
I learned how to become a better artist

o What happened for those projects to end?
 my secular music ended when I gave my life to God

• God seems to be a main platform for your music, Why? 
he saved my life and changed my heart and I wanna express the love he showed me thru my music

o What is your testimony? 
Growing up I didn’t have a father, my mom had different boyfriends that physically and mentally abused me which led me to look for guidance thru the streets. I lived on a street in Springfield that had a lot of gangster activity so I turned to the street life of doing and selling drugs, theft, and vandalism. From this lifestyle I was in and out of jail. God revealed himself to me while I was locked up. From that moment God started working on me and I gave my life to him. Thru my walk with God I still battled with depression, addiction, and my faith, my cousin/producer/best friend was murdered and I felt like giving up but God still showed his love and I decided it was time to go all in for him. I met and married my wife in 2013 and she had 10 surgeries in a year and about died twice. Due to her being in and out of the hospital so much we lost our home and became homeless. With no where to go we still kept our faith and prayed everyday then our prayers were answered and God brought us here to Florida

• 878 is a rare name for a groups name, can you fill us in, on how you came up with the name? 
My cousin Chris came up with the name 878 Rekordz in 1998 and 878 spelled out TRU on the dial pad on the phone but there was already a TRU Records and that’s why he used the numbers and not the letters, then thru my walk with God he showed me the true meaning of 878 which the 8s are sideway symbols of infinity and the 7 represents the number of perfection which is God so 878 as a whole means God is in the midst of us forever

• In the world that we live in, Christians are ridiculed, how will you use their ammunition to advance your career? 
It just lets me know how lost the world really is and how much they are in need of a savior and makes me want to do my music that much more and spread his love

• I have plenty of friends that are trying to become local rappers, what would you advice them to do to be noticed as an artist? 
Its all about the content you put out

o What have you done in your career to shine brighter than other rapping groups? 
Just by perfecting my craft and being original

• Tell the world more about Michael, what should we know about the talented young rapper? 
I am married and between my wife and I we have 6 kids. I am currently living in Florida and was born and raised in Springfield IL. I write my own lyrics, I produce beats, and just recently started photography. I love the outdoors and have a passion for music. I love ministering and love working with the youth. I have a passion for reaching out to the lost

• As an artist, you must have a lot of inspirations and bands that you look up to, who are they? 
2 Pac, Lecrae, Trip Lee, Mercy Me, 3 Days Grace

• If you were to sign today with any record label, who would be in the picking? 
none in particular, any that I felt were being lead by the spirit of God

• What steps do you take to write and record the songs that we can expect to hear on your upcoming album? 
Just making songs that people can relate and could lift them up. From songs that make your head bog, tug at your heart, to make you wanna change

• Now that we have that information, what information can you give on the album that you are working on right now? 
The album is called “The Day of Atonement” and we have already released a demo

• So, do you make your own beats? 
I do produce some of my own beats, I aslo share in producing beats with my brother in Christ/partner in Rhyme Will B Loki as well as using beats he himself produced

o If you do make your own beats, what programs do you use? 
FL Studio

• Your music sounds very smooth, almost as a studio project. Have you been spending a lot of your time in the studio for this? 
yes in my own studio as well as in Will B’s studio

• What song would you say is your favorite from your upcoming album? 
That’s hard one for me because I’ve put so much into each song

• Could you beat some of the big star rappers at a freestyle battle? 
probably not, Im not much of a freestyler

• Finally, What is your definition of “The art of music?” 
Self expression

• Who would you thank if you became big one day?
God, my wife, my family and everyone who supported me and I can’t forget about my dog Sullie nickname “Studio Dog” lol

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What were you thinking?

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What were you thinking when you told her that you loved someone else? What were you thinking when someone tried to steal your heart, and you fell for it? Did you think about the person that you were hurting in the long run or did you only want to fulfill your needs and wants?
I can’t believe the way that men and women treat those who they love. They tell the person that they love them, but then let “boredom” take control of their hormones, which ends in a heartbreak, and most of the time someone in the relationship cheating.
Now you might be wondering what brought this on, and the truth is I know of a lot of couples that have broken up due to one of the people in the relationship failing to stay faithful. I have had a dozen girls cry on my shoulder because of their boyfriend cheating or watching porn.
Yes porn is a form of cheating, guys. Anything that makes your heart want someone else, should not be a part of your life. It might not be you cheating physically but it will Prevert your mindset on what “Sex” needs to be like.
Sex being the most pleasurable thing in marriage, can be perverted so easily, which is why I have tried to stay away from porn since I got with My wife. It makes you want something that is an act on a T.V. Which is exactly what porn is, it is just actors and actresses interacting with their genitals and gentilias. They don’t have feelings for each other. This is why I think it has become more acceptable to sleep around, because Television has told us that it is okay. Not through words that they speak but actions that happen when the video begins.
I hate that this generation is all about sex, and not about the fun of getting to know someone. I miss the days where men took women out to the movies, instead of having “Netflix and chill” dates, which has a woman suing Netflix. I will post the story below.
I wanted to talk to you guys about this in order for some of you that are in the weakness of temptation to get out. Get out before you ruin your relationship, it isn’t worth 15 minutes of pleasure. It also isn’t right that you play with someone’s heart as you will be doing, making the girl think of everything that she has ever done wrong, all because your willy wacker is hard for someone else. Well then you need to figure that problem out, but don’t you dare hurt that girl for something so selfish!
Anyways peace.

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      Tim Tebow has been released from the Philadelphia Eagles on 9-4-15 the day before the 53-man roster is due to be in.
       Tim Tebow went 11-17 in his passing attack against the New York Jets in the teams last Nfl Preseason game. This game was Tim’s last opportunity to show Chip Kelly that he was worth one of his roster spots. As of yesterday, it seemed Tebow Time was about to reoccur with the trade of M. Barkley after his poor preseason performance.
      Chip Kelly gave both of the players a half of playing time to impress him for the third-string QB spot. Tebow outshined Barkley in all areas of play. Where Barkley only had 45 yards in 4 completions and 1 interception. Tebow had 189 yards in only 11 completions, but also had a pair of touchdowns with the blemish of one interception.
With the cut of T. Tebow, this puts him in the Free Agent pool for the third season in the row, going into week 1. It seems that this is the end of Tebow, where no other team is seeming interested in this Florida Superstar.
        Tebow led the Denver Broncos to the Division title against the New England Patriots after beating Kyle Orton out of the starting spot, after a 1-4 start to the season by Orton. Though he got to the divisional title, he would be dominated leading to a 45-10 loss. Patriots would lose to the Giants in the Superbowl.
Championship Bound- My Rap about Tebow (2011)

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      Tim Tebow has been released from the Philadelphia Eagles on 9-4-15 the day before the 53-man roster is due to be in.
       Tim Tebow went 11-17 in his passing attack against the New York Jets in the teams last Nfl Preseason game. This game was Tim’s last opportunity to show Chip Kelly that he was worth one of his roster spots. As of yesterday, it seemed Tebow Time was about to reoccur with the trade of M. Barkley after his poor preseason performance.

       Chip Kelly gave both of the players a half of playing time to impress him for the third-string QB spot. Tebow outshined Barkley in all areas of play. Where Barkley only had 45 yards in 4 completions and 1 interception. Tebow had 189 yards in only 11 completions, but also had a pair of touchdowns with the blemish of one interception.
With the cut of T. Tebow, this puts him in the Free Agent pool for the third season in the row, going into week 1. It seems that this is the end of Tebow, where no other team is seeming interested in this Florida Superstar.
        Tebow led the Denver Broncos to the Division title against the New England Patriots after beating Kyle Orton out of the starting spot, after a 1-4 start to the season by Orton. Though he got to the divisional title, he would be dominated leading to a 45-10 loss. Patriots would lose to the Giants in the Superbowl.
Championship Bound- My Rap about Tebow (2011)

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     I fell from the ban wagon years ago. With each term of my contract being fried, because I forgot to attend the practice. I was busy working on myself, but I guess that is a wrong reason to miss something so important. I should have let myself fall apart from the stress that was overwhelming my mind. I should have spent my last few bucks to travel the miles on miles, in order to sit on a bench for two hours. I must have lost all my marbles when thinking about this, and which priorities were higher. I should be ashamed of myself. Actually I am not.
I wish that I could scribble out the previous paragraph and erase the past that prompted the previous written words. I wish that the contract that I broke would have never been made. Now thinking about the fine print that I didn’t study, I should have took more time to fight the terms. Because with signing the contract, I signed my life away. I am just blessed that I got out it when I could of. If I were still there, then I would still be fighting for the air in my lungs that is keeping me alive to this day. I almost forgot what the feeling of breathing felt like, since I wasn’t able to breathe around those who held my strings to my arms. They weren’t letting me catch my breath, they thought that I was fine. But when it came to the honesty, I failed to tell the truth. This is because, I was being controlled.
I wasn’t able to speak for myself without being punished to the full extent. They wouldn’t listen to the words that I would be screaming in their ears. I was trying to tell them that I was dying. My skin felt as it was being ripped off of my body, with salt following the painful loss. I would lose my conciseness, fall into a ditch and still was told to perk up. I was told that I had to be happy when I was feeling worthless, because that was how they wanted people to think that I was. I needed to be the happiest guy in the world, or I was a problem that they were over. I should have listened to their words, NO! I should have flipped that desk and flattened their face. But either way, I fell into their trap and pushed my happiness under the skin, hoping that one day I would have the strength to find it again. That day finally came.
Being called into the main office was always a pleasant trap. There was never a meeting that contained two people. It happened that every meeting that I was in, I was on one side facing four leaders, ready to stone me with one wrong statement. That day was the day that the stones were going to fly around the glass house. I was about to bust every window that I could. My attentions were to filet their face, and grill their feelings on my George Forman. I was breaking the chains that I locked myself, and was about to free myself from their grasp.
I walked into the front office, hoping to see the counsel but it was different this time, There was only two that were seated, but they seemed to be consumed with anger and darkness. This was a sign that this meeting was about to end with the equevent of Nuclear Warfare. This office was about to look like Germany in 1942. Blood was about to spill faster than a Jason Vorhees killing spree. I was fearing that I was about to turn into Eminem and pop a cap in their ass. But this was not the case.
As we began to talk, they were offended about a list of things that I said and did through the few months that led to this point. I stood my ground and told them to end the contract, but they weren’t listening. This wasn’t what they wanted at all. They wanted me to bow before their feet but that wasn’t what I was about. No, I wouldn’t bow to these fools. They would have to break my ankles in order for me to bow, and even then I would stand through the pain in order to show them that they were controlling to many followers. They were not going to end this without knowing how I was feeling.
As the meeting began to come to the climax, they told me that I wasn’t fit for their plan and that I needed to find something else to do. I told them that they were fools for the way that they were thinking. If anyone was ready for that step-up, it was me for sure. I had all of the qualifications where they didn’t have anyone else with the same. I was the only one for the job, and they were about to pass me up. Since I came into this meeting with guns ready, I was about to take a few warning shots.
When I say that I had my arsenal ready, you should know that I had a list of things that I didn’t say in previous months that I was about to say. Then again, I still have some things that I wish I said that day. I took it easy on them as I took a few of those warning shots and had my dad in my mind. He was telling me that this wasn’t me. I was reminded that I can’t let a grudge hold me from happiness. What would have happened if they would have changed the few things that I brought up to them? They would have fixed those things but then would have still had the strings attached.
That day was the beginning of the end in that chapter of my life, one that I can’t erase nor forget. Part of me wants to keep the memories for the happiness that I found for a short time. But then again when certain events happened, those moments of happiness were corrupted. But there is more to come in the future of this story that ended in my death. Welcome to Letters to the Chapel.

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Today we get to do another addition to my new favorite segment, ImpromtThoughts. This segment was a giant questionable keeper when I first started it, but now I love it. I love the fact that I don’t have to stick to one thing, but get to cover three topics in one post. Today we will be talking about news in the NFL, How everyone around me are getting pregnant, and my view on Church as of right now.
I love to spend time watching ESPN and reading articles on I think the reason why I watch it so much is to keep up with changes in Fantasy football. I have learned that if you are wanting to win any championship in Fantasy anything, you will need to keep up with the news around the league.
I was in the first draft of the season, and I wanted to get as many of my old players from last year as I could. This included the WR from Green Bay, Jordy Nelson. If you have been keeping up with the NFL then you know already why I was about to make a giant mistake. Nelson suffered a season ending ACL injury. But since I was watching the news, I knew why I shouldn’t draft him. But there are a few more things that have recently changed.
Robert Griffin III has suffered the last few seasons with a few injuries that have limited him to 20% playing time in the last three seasons. The coaches for Washington released Saturday that they are planning to move on from Robert. They have recently made Kirk Cousins their starting Quarterback. Griffin will receive $16,155,000 in 2016 (Injury Only). And with no one interested in the scrambler, it seems that the Redskins will have to take the hit.
Adrian Petterson has not received a single handoff this whole preseason, which has me scratching my head. I agree with most that Petterson is one of the best running backs in the league, but after sitting out for almost a year, you would think that they would want to feed him the ball from Bridgewater, in order for him to gt use to the new offense additions. This has me wondering two things, are they moving on from Petterson? But that would be crazy, they signed him again for some reason. So then with that being said, I think that they are personally wanting to contain their beast until they are ready to devour their victim.
Now to the second topic, pregnancy. I have always been off and on about having kids. But recently, everyone has been getting pregnant, to the point that I am the only one at my job that is in a steady relationship, and don’t have kids. It makes thing that my turn is coming up very shortly, which freaks the hell out of me. I am not ready for a baby when at times, I can’t even raise myself. I fear that without being able to take care of myself at times, then that means that I will fail as a parent, such as a mother I once knew. I just hope that this virus in the air doesn’t infect me with a kid. That would be a blessing but also a disaster, all at the same time.
Since we are talking about kids, why not talk about the man up in the sky that gives us kids, right? I am a Christian, which means that I follow the one true God and will until I die. I promised my father a few months ago, that I will be in heaven with him. This means that I will have to follow the God he follows, which is cool with me. But there is a problem. I don’t like the churches in my area. I have attended a few and each one rubs me the wrong way, which has pushed me out of the church fully. So if you are in the area and know of a good church, comment below. 

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