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FreakFriday is a new segment that will be posted on what day? Friday, of course. This segment will be used to keep you guys up-to-date on what is going on in my life and anything cool coming in the next couple weeks or week. This segment will be a permanent part of the new changes. It is a way to keep you guys interested! So stop crying 😉
     Today I want to say sorry for the amount of inactivity that has been happening. I wanted to take this post and talk to you guys about why I have skipped a few days and what will be changing in the future to help with this problem.
In the last few weeks, I have been spending a lot of time with fantasy football. When fantasy football comes around, I become a crab that hides in his shell. I will spend hours studying games, stats, and mock drafts. This year is no different. I believe at this point of the preseason I have racked 12-hours of studying. This has become like a third job right behind my first job and writing.
When my final draft is completed, I will be posting any and all the advice or secrets that I have. If you are a big fantasy fan, you will enjoy these tips. But the tips are honestly best for those who haven’t played but want to. That’s because the tips describe when you should draft each position and when to change your mind on certain players. Though it won’t be discussed in full, Sleepers will be mentioned. Then at the end, I will give you guys my projected line-up and compare it to my actual line-up, in order for you guys to see if the tips work.
After the draft, I will take each Sunday and write about who I think did well and predict the next week of wins for the Nfl. This is what I like to do, I like to take time and study certain things, NFL just happens to be my “Certain thing” this time of the year.
When this draft gets over (Sept 6: 7pm) I will be going back to the full time writing. You will receive a post everyday again, and you will love it. But for right now, I will be a little sketchy with the amount of writing that I do, since I am spending a mass amount of time with draft. I am sorry if this is inconvenient, of course, but I hope that it doesn’t make you to mad. I will be back shortly to full commitment, until then I promise that each post will be amazing!

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