ImpromtThoughts- Fantasy, Cars suck, and I am tired

Posted: August 25, 2015 in Uncategorized

This has been a tight weekend of things that needed to be done so I am sorry that I was unable to write for you guys. Honestly this proves that I need to get on the ball and write some post ahead of schedule in order for this to never happen again. So without further a due this week I want to talk about three things being; Fantasy Football, Car problems, and Sleep.
I am a big football fan, so I am always excited for the new season to start. I am a Chicago Bears fan, even if they arent doing good, I will still route for them because that is what true fans do. But I go even deeper with being a part of Nfl Pick-em and Fantasy football.
Fantasy Football is a cool way to spend your Sundays after work, because all you have to do is route for your players to do good. But the only stressful part of the whole thing is picking the players during the draft. Since you have to pick 9 starters and up to 10 bench players with a league of at least 8 people, the picks of good players go real fast. This means that you need to make the best moves during the first part of the draft. I have only been a part of two drafts and this one wiped me out. Through the whole draft my computer was lagging, taking up to a minute for the screen to load each time it was my turn to pick. I hope that my fantasy team does good, but even if it doesn’t, fantasy should never make you hate the sport, so even if my team sucks, I can take the lessons learned and apply them next year.
Oh so I have told you guys about my car, right? If I haven’t here is the rundown, my cars radiator was cracked, causing the water to run out leaving us on the side of the road once or twice.  But with my Dad coming down and fixing it, I thought that was all of the problems, but no, there always has to be more. While fixing up the car, another big part of the motor went out, the water pump. This stressed me out, because I can’t make it to work without a car where some can. I need this car so I can pay for my drug addictions, so when this happened I believe Iooked at god with the “Change-this-now” Bitch face. But soon enough my dad had the piece in his hand and was ready to start on the car. This was great, because he didn’t have to do any of this. But out of his kindness, he has been busting his ass for me and my wife, Ariel. We couldn’t think him enough. Also it was some amazing father-son bonding time between us.
Finally, Guys I have some kind of sleeping problem that I have been struggling with for quite some time. This problem keeps me up thinking about everything under the sun. This has mostly been happening the last few weeks when I saw the bills piling up. But now that all the bills are paid off, I still lay awake thinking about everything. This has caused for me to get sick with allergies and each day the feeling off vomiting gets stronger. I have tried to break out of the insomnia but it won’t work. This probably is because I over think everything, then seeing certain things in my way, I begin to freak out causing me to stay up looking for ways out.
Sorry about the short post, I have to work at 6 A.m. and I am tired, so I am going to try to sleep. Thank you guys for being so understanding this weekend. I couldn’t make it without you.

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