Springfield in 3200: Finding the way.

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It had already progressed past the midnight hour, two of the most powerful men in America were sitting in a small meeting room right across from each other. What ever they chose to do next would put a big dent into the history of America, but they wouldn’t allow their home to be attacked like it was, not without getting the enemy back. President Henry would have to make the final decision in a day, but even the head of the United Infantry didn’t want to do what they knew needed to happen.
It was a sunny day in July when a corrupt Chinese group of terrorist attacked Mount Rushmore. They were named the “Gorillas” and they strived on control. Since 2900 they have fought everyone to gain enough land to begin to make Nuclear equipment, but the States of America had stood in front of their plan with the final answer being no on selling the land. With a treaty being in place making for the to bomb them, they weren’t going to be able to gain the land other than breaking the treaty, causing a World War III. Since China didn’t want that, they have contained their urge to gain the desired land, until now. Now without the treaty in place, America will need to decide if they want to go at war with China.
If America goes to war with the Chinese bandits then they will lose important essentials to living, this is including electricity that China has generously has supplied since America bankrupted in the late 21st century. So if the Henry chooses to go to war with China then the land would be losing more than they know. They wouldn’t be able to use their energy weapons which leaves with New constructed Ak-47s that have less recoil and a wider spread, causing them to pierce through the skin more easy than the old version in 1947, but this would stand a chance against the Chinese equipment they have recently recieved from their allies.
With a stalemate on which decision to choose, the president called the 51 states to come together and vote on which they will end up doing. Since Chicago became its own state in 2300, there will be no tie, so the decision will be made before the second attack can be made. When the vote came to the end, there was one state left in the country to vote, Illinois. There leader Charles didn’t want to be a part of the vote, since he was threatened his land if he were to attack China by the Gorillas. So he asked for the President to count the votes, but as the numbers were tallied, his worse fear came to reality, it was a tie.
He knew that either way his decision would end in his land being destroyed since he knew the Gorillas main plan, but he thought if the president would end this early then he could go back to running his state. With the last vote in the president would then tell everyone what they would end up doing. He put the final tally up and got the bombs ready.
(You now have a choice, you can be a boy, or a girl. The boys name is Charly, as the girls name is Michelle.)
I am reporting from the old Abraham museum as I look outside into the rubble. I am waiting for the perfect time to make the movement from this building to the next part of settlement. There is a plane on the far side of town that will be taking survivors to the Canadian Free Lands. But there is only a selected few seats on the plane, so this needs to happen fast. I have nothing in my name except for the hologram that I found in the lower side of the building that full explains what happened.
“If you are listening to this hologram that means the plan of the China Bombing failed. They turned our own bomb around on us, and shot it towards the western lands. Then hours after the attack, they cut our power, and sent bombs through the central parts of America. Springfield has never looked this bad, I am in the remains of the old Lincoln Museum. I am trying to contact the president, but he hasn’t been responding. Most of the west has been compromised, so transferring the materials through their By-pass will not work. There looks to be no survivors, those son-of-a-bitches, they are killing for game now. They want to see us suffer. I will show them. Sgt. Lee out. -Static- Shots, then screams” -end of tape-
I was about to move to the next building, but as I climbed through the broken window frame, gun shots began to ring through the air, sending me back into the ruins. I got back, but my best friend didn’t, the Gorillas spotted him as he darted towards the building and put a 5.8mm bullet through his brain, but to add insult to injury the blasted his body into a hundred bloody parts across the sky with a 40mm grenade.
A set of soldiers spotted the Gorillas, but with each of the members of the army that walked towards the terrorist, the more that fell in agony. But they never stopped shooting their arms. My heart began to feel with happiness as they gained ground, pushing the bastards back. But soon enough the smoke from the guns and fires began to fog my vision.
The fire of those who have falling feels the hearts of the civilians that are fighting off the enemy. But with each of the brave soldiers that walk into the street, another flame from the fight is blown out. The streets that I walked my daughter on is now full of the blood of our neighbors that tried to stand against those who are trying to take over our land. The wind is blowing smoke towards my house, this smoke is due to the gun fire in the streets of Springfield. But as the smoke begins to clear, I can see my worse nightmare coming true. Our soldiers are falling back in surrender, and the enemy has taking yet another section of my hometown. If this continues in this pace, Springfield will be a remnant of a memory for those who become slaves to the Gorillas.

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