Springfield in 3200 Preview.

Posted: August 21, 2015 in Uncategorized

“The fire of those who have falling feels the hearts of the civilians that are fighting off the enemy. But with each of the brave soldiers that walk into the street, another flame from the fight is blown out. The streets that I walked my daughter on is now full of the blood of our neighbors that tried to stand against those who are trying to take over our land. The wind is blowing smoke towards my house, this smoke is due to the gun fire in the streets of Springfield. But as the smoke begins to clear, I can see my worse nightmare coming true. Our soldiers are falling back in surrender, and the enemy has taking yet another section of my hometown. If this continues in this pace, Springfield will be a remnant of a memory for those who become slaves to the Gorillas.” (Preview of Ep. 1: Finding the way out)

Welcome to war. I am excited to share with you a part of the upcoming story that will be making its debut tomorrow. This story will take place in the far future, 3200 to be exact. We have made China mad for the last time, now they are in our streets with their advanced armory, but they aren’t here to take our land. The reason is far sicker, they want blood. They won’t stop until they have the vengeance that they want. This is a war that we didn’t want to happen, but it is evident that this is what happens when someone steps on the wrong toes, and over steps their bounderies. Now we will fight to win our land back, or we will go down as the land of the slaves.

Letter from the Author:
Thank you so much for taking a chance with this new project. I am excited to release the first of 20 episodes tomorrow. I am sure that this will get the attention that it deserves. So subscribe for this reason only, to get updates on this project. Stay tuned for the first full episode tomorrow. Which side will you join? Will you grab the advanced QBZ-95 and fight with the Chinese Gorillas, or will you grab the New and Improved Ak-47 and side with the Vipers? Do you not want to side with either? Go for the survival edge and try to make it through the war. Any way you play the game, you will defiantly have a blast as America is under attack.
Thank you,

Impromtdude @ Facebook.com/impromtdude


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