ImpromtThoughts: Writing, Drinking more, and Novel details

Posted: August 18, 2015 in Uncategorized

There was a post a few weeks ago introducing this segment. At first I wasn’t going to do the next episode but then I remembered that sometimes things need time to grow on people, so I want to give this another shot due to the new changes. Today will be the second installment to this segment and talk about three things as before. The line-up will include Writing, Drinking water, and my first novel titled “Drifting Away” a novel that I have put off for way to long.
I will be fully honest when it comes to writing, I have been so lazy and have been posting mainly to get it out of the way. I have been busy and want to relax when I gt home, when I work 23 hours in two days the last thing I want to do is come home and write, even if I want to. This has become such a problem, that I have been reposting old material to get it out of the way. But as I promised, I will keep posting because I have made this my second job so this is something that will need to happen in order for me to feel completed. I can’t quit this time, if I quit this time I feel I would be done for good. That’s not what I want, I have put to much time into this blog for me to quit now.
I am slightly disapointed and excited to tell you guys about my workout out plan. Let me first tell you guys about what disapoints me the most about this topic. I have quit Insanity, but let me explain before you guys automatically think I failed. I stopped due to a shin splint that would hurt way to much to continue the workout, thinking that I would get back to it in a few days. But the more that I waited the less the chance became for me to come back to this amazing workout down the road. With the progress slipping away, my wife and I decided to move on to this new workout called “t-25” that is taught by the same guy from Insanity, Shaun. But until that arrives in the mail, my wife has started a drinking competition with me,. This is going on for this whole month, and that means that we both are now tracking our water consumption and the winner will get amazing prizes. I feel she is becoming healthier as we do this, which is truly all that matters.
The final topic is about my Romantic Triller that will be eventually on shelves of stores. I have been planning for this novel, but have got litte-to-no progress. But with my mindset on writing being my second job, then I need to stop being a lazy ass and get this novel written. This book has been promoted and everything, I just need your support. Will you motivate me to write it faster, by telling me nice things! Thank you!
With everything being said, I want to remind you guys that this is the beginning of the new changes and that I will be setting the official schedule next Sunday, so if you have any suggestions please post in the comment section on Facebook or here. I love you guys and hopefully you guys will love the new changes coming in the next two weeks!

Peace out,

Impromtdude @

  1. Steven Capps says:

    Hey there,

    It is awesome seeing that you are getting back into the swing of writing again. I am excited to see how your novel comes. I am finishing up the 1st revision of “Fractured” right now. Also I am gonna start writing blog posts that is focused on writing and business advice for writers. If you have any advice I would love to hear it.

    Steven Capps

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