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Posted: August 12, 2015 in Uncategorized

In the previous blog I told you guys that I will be making changes to the blog. These changes will come into affect very shortly and hopefully will bring in more of an audience. These changes will be made in the subject of topics I will cover, the style I will write in, and the way that I will post. Each segment will have my full dedication. Here are further details.
About a month ago, I was looking at the stats of my blog for the last three months. Each month was declining in views, but steadily kept climbing well until now. My views have been rapidly dropping, so I had to ask myself “Why?” This is what I noticed; my mind has been on other things, because I have gotten bored.
I have gotten bored of just choosing random prompts and writing about them. I love to plan ahead when it comes to writing so when I am grabbing random prompts, I can’t really plan for that. I haven’t had full control over what I have wanted to post. But with this new change in the schedule there will be a solid schedule or at least outline of what will be posted in a week. But how will it work?
I have been planning the segments, but some are still rough around the edges and will need a bit polish before I will attempt them. But I have at least four segments that will take places next week. These four segments will now be discussed!
Night Crawler Journals remastered- This was a project that I started this blog with. Its a weekly story about a boy named Aeron that is trying to make his way through the worse winter in the worlds history. But that isn’t his only worry, he also has to deal with frost bitten beast that act as zombies. If they get their hands on you, you will turn into one of them.
This project was my favorite, and I am excited to see what I can do with bringing back a remastered version of the story. When I say remastered, this means that I will be rewriting most of the story, adding new aspects that I have learned through my journey as a writer. Hopefully I can fix the broken pieces to the story to spice up the greatness of this amazing story.
ImpromtThoughts- I liked this segment when I posted a snippet of it a few days ago. This segment will take three topics, and I will talk about them. This can be anything from Boxing to Street signs. With this segment I am hoping that I can include you guys into. This will be possible by the comment section below, where you guys will post topics I should talk about.
ImpromtPicks- A segment where I put a few prompts into a jar and pull one out, this will be the topic for the day. I will have to write about what I pull out and will like it. This has unlimited possibilities on what can come from it.
Story time- I told you guys that this would be coming soon. It is something that I am weary about trying, but will do it anyways. This segment will be no more than 400 words per post, but on the days that this segment is done, there will be two post. Each post will be a different side of the story, you get to pick which way you want to go. You can be good or bad. The main story description will be posted in the first post. The story is called “Springfield in 3200.”

Like I said, these are the first four segments that will be attempted with this new change. I will monitor the stats and if they show that they aren’t growing, then I will introduce new segments and remove some. Each segment will be drawn from a jar, and each segment will be covered once a week. On the days that the designated four wont be completed, I will continue to do the 642 days of writing challenge. Thanks for sticking with me through the change guys.

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