Let’s kick it off with a remastered classic.

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This will be making a remastered appearance that will kick off the new line-up of the new changes to the blog. I will be giving more details in tomorrows post. Enjoy and I will see you guys tomorrow.

Ncj2Ep. 10:The Truth Comes Out

“Let me go!” Aeron shouts from the top of his lungs, getting the attention of all the people in the streets, scaring the kids to hide behind their parents. Jamal continues pushing him, holding tightly on his arm. They entered the jailhouse where Aeron would be staying for now.

“You can’t lock me up, you and me both know you’re not innocent. Mr. I-need-to-throw-the-body-over-the-wall-to-save-my-own-ass!” Jamal stops and pulls him close to his face, grabbing onto his shirt tightly.

“You really don’t know who you are fucking with!” Jamal throws Aeron forcefully into the cell, making him stumble and fall into the wall, no sympathy is shown as Jamal laughs and exits the jail, leaving Aeron to count the tiles.

Time went on, feeling like hours passing by, no one was coming through those doors, He was left there to count the tiles on his back, waiting for the next person to come in and tell him some more bad news. He was expecting someone to come in with his clothes, telling him to get out of the town. Or someone coming in with a gun, and ending his life completely. He was nervous, cold, and hungry. His last meal was a piece of stale bread covered with jelly. Two days ago.

“Jesus loves all the children….” The door to the jailhouse squeaks open, interrupting him from singing the beautiful tune from Vbs (Vacation Bible School) that all the students had to know before they could do any of the activities, President Kelly stands in the dark hallway with a book in his hand.

 “Hello, sir. I found this in your room, thought you would like to have it.” President Kelly held in his hands the journal from his trip with Ryan, Aeron quickly grabs the journal smiling at him.

“What is going to happen to me?” He asked as Kelly takes a sip of his strong coffee that was making the whole jailhouse stink.

“I don’t know, we might just leave you here.”

Aeron didn’t want to hear that, even after all he did for them, why didn’t they believe him?

“Are you kidding me, why are you guys such dicks.”

The words from Aeron’s mouth set him off. He throws his coffee down and grabs the back of Aeron’s shirt through the bars and pulls him violently into the cage, Aeron makes contact with the metal.

“You listen here you little prick, this is my town and I will do whatever I want!” He throws him back, but Aeron wasn’t done, he went back for more, reaching his hand through the bars taking ahold of Kelly’s neck.

The action confused and scared Kelly to the point that he was letting Aeron take his life with the solo act. But he came to his senses quickly, and broke the hold. He steps back.

“Ryan was right, you are crazy!”

“You think you know me?” Aeron’s giggles. “You don’t know anything!”

“Why don’t you inform me of what I am missing?”

“Well to start, I killed my wife because Ryan slept with her.” President Kelly’s eyes grew large. “Or how about the fact that the blood on my shirt is actually from this guy named Charles!  I killed him for my weapons.” Aeron let out of his frustration, screaming all his deepest darkest secrets, not knowing someone special to him was present.

“So you were a murderer?”

Aeron’s heart broke as he heard that question, not because of the context of the question, but because who asked it. Kaytla was standing in the corner, leaning against the wall.

“Yes, I have killed three people.”

“Three?” President Kelly asked?

Aeron began to explain each time that he killed, his wife, Charley, and that innocent man in the trailer, but he was interrupted by a gun shot from the center of town. Kelly and Kaytla rush out of the room, leaving Aeron to do more counting.


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