Hot or nah?

Posted: August 9, 2015 in Uncategorized

I would probably have a full six-pack of abs lying on my belly if I didn’t eat this item for breakfast. I usually don’t eat breakfast, but since working out I have been eating five small meals a day. If you eat five small meals a day then your metabolism will spike causing you to lose the desire weight. But when you fill your body with negative food the little trick doesn’t work.
I am most likely over-thinking this whole thing and what I have been eating isn’t as bad for me as I think. I just believe that anything from McDonalds is horrible. My name is Blake and I am addicted to breakfast burritos. It is something about the soft eggs with the spicy sausage smothered in cheese all wrapped in a warm tortilla that makes my morning better.
But a burrito is not the same without some hot sauce. I usually use a full pack of hot sauce per burrito. But when I am feeling wreck less, I use two. I know I am one hard son-of-a-gun. But then there are the times that I will go all out, wasting all of my calories for one burrito and will put bacon and extra cheese on this delight of heaven, making this the best burrito in town.
The McDonalds burrito is 320 calories without the sauce, which means that when I add all of the extras the burrito becomes deadly unhealthy. But doesn’t it taste so good in your mouth, my mouth waters when I think about it. My stomach aches when I can’t get one because I am broke and off. But then I scavenge up enough money, usually by pulling money out of my wifes wallet, and I go get me one of the little bastards then my life is perfect again.
I would like to say that if I laid of the burritos for a few months and focused solely on my abs, I would have them in less than a month. But with the stress in the world and with my stomach always wanting them, who am I to say that I shouldn’t have one? I think rehab is in my future, are there any groups open?

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