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Posted: August 8, 2015 in Uncategorized

What is it like for me to sit down and write to you guys? I have been asked this a few times, or the question “How do you blog?” might take the place of the other question. Today I will explain briefly on how I blog, what steps I take to blog, and where I do most of my blogging.
How do I blog? Well most people assume that it is easy to blog, but they are dead wrong. The thought process that goes into posting a blog is very sensitive. What I mean by that is each of my blogs might take me days to think of, most of my blogs start as a title that is left in my archive for weeks before I feel that I have the right thought that will make the blog pop. And since I blog everyday, you have to see that starting a blog and having to finish it when I am ready can be stressful. I posted the blog about how I feel always two-steps behind. That is because I have to always think of the blogs that I want to write, but take multiple breaks because I am rough on myself, telling myself that I can do better multiple times before I actually write the blog.
The steps of any blog are the same: Brain storm, outline, write, edit, post, promote. Each step is very important as your blog will suffer viciously if you fail to take each step seriously. Without the brainstorming, the outline will look like crap causing the writing to be limited. With the writing not being to full potential the editing will be off causing most of the readers to grow away from the blog the further it goes on. Then you will post an unfinished product causing all the energy you put into promotion to be wasted. I hate wasting time so if I skip one of the steps (which I have) I have not only wasted my viewers time, but my own all at the cost of me being lazy.
Now here comes the fun part of this blog, where do I blog? I have three special places that I do all of my blogging at. If I don’t blog in these places, my blog seems rushed and unfinished. These three places are: My Desk, Subway, and my kitchen table. My desk is located in my living room, being speciality bought to blog on. But sometimes I have to go outside of my house to blog which is when I use the quietness of Subway to do my writing, as I eat my B.M.T that my wife made specially for me. Then there are occasions that these two places are trapping me, causing my mind to lock up, so I grab a glass of milk w/caramel syrup. This is my get away from the world. These three places that I blog at are very close to heaven for me they are the places that I feel complete at.
This is a short explanation of a soon blog that will be going into every detail on how I blog, walking you guys through writing my blog for the day. I will be teach you guys the ins and outs of how I blog. Showing you guys the easier way to get followers and how to get peoples attention.

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