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At twenty-one years old I finally have found my love for video games. I play video games a lot during the week. The reason that I play so much is to kill time and clear my mind. And since I have had my Xbox since I was sixteen, I have gained a lot of games. To this day I have almost seventy games on the Xbox 360 and almost thirty on my PS3. But with all of those video games, I asked myself which one was my favorite, so this is my top ten video game list for the Xbox 360.
10. C.O.D- Modern Warfare was my first video game on the 360, and til this day has been one of my most enjoyable experiences. But without being on Live, the game can become repetitive. That is why I bought Blackops 2. With there being bots to play against, this was able to barely get into the countdown.
9. Dead Rising- I own a copy of the first and second DR, and with each I have spent a good while trying to complete the task. But as I complete the game, I get bored from the same ole way to kill zombies. I have never been able to spend long on these games, but if I want to blow up a zombie I know what to play.
8. Gta- An open world driving game where you get to shoot cops with a sniper? This is the only point for this series. If you are feeling wreck less and want to hit a prostitute (both ways) than this game will over satisfy your craving. I know that I use to play this game to shoot cops from the tops of towers than I would jump to my death.
7. Batman Arkham Asylum- This was the second superhero game that I ever played, and I wasn’t let down at all. This game delivered in the categories of: Graphics, Creativity, and Story Telling. I also fell in love with the fact that you can continue to play after you completed the game, which is what I find fun in a game.
6. Medal of Honor- I am talking about the newer one, not the newest though. I use to play this all the time and accumulated at least five hundred headshots. I wasn’t a fan of the dark gameplay, but I loved the smoothness of the game all together.
5. Fallout 3- I am a huge fan of Bethesda and the rest of this list is full of their work. I am sad that I had to put Fallout 3 so high on the list though. When I did my first play through of this great hit, I was young and didn’t find video games fun as I do now, yet this game caught my attention. The fact that it is a survival open-world game excites me. But when I played it for the first time, I played the game wrong which ruined the game. I am happy to say that I am replaying it very soon. This time knowing how to get the full experience out of the game.
4. Walking Dead: Survival Instinct- Yes I know, the graphics sucked, and this wouldn’t be on anyone’s top fifty games. But I found that this game was a Walking Dead fans dream. Who can pass up killing zombies as Darryl (fucking) Dixon? I know I couldn’t, and with there being a story along with it amazed me. The graphics took away a few of the points, but not enough to keep it off my shelf.
3. Dead Island- As you can tell, I play a lot of zombie based games. I love the game plays through these games. Dead Island was no different. I wasn’t a big fan of the beach at first, but as you level up through the game and get more quest, you begin to fall in love with this amazingly thought out game. defiantly my top three choice.
2. Darksector- Most of you don’t know what the heck I am talking about, if that’s the case then you need to go get this game. It is a cheap game at GameStop but packs a giant punch as you play the game. You are infected with a weird disease that causes your arm to turn super humanish. It has been a while since I have played this game, but you mainly have to fight your way through infected humans and the government to be cured of this horrible disease.
1. Fallout: NEW VEGAS- Could you imagine if you were in a wasteland filled with: Giant Scorpions, Raiders, Ghouls, Lakelurks, Caesars Bitches, Robots, Fiends, Radiation, and Crazy Vaults with amazing stories that will leave you mind blown and afraid all at the same time. This game is the bomb, racking up almost 90-hours of gameplay without being close to finding everything in this crazy land, it is action-packed and exciting. You never know what is hiding behind every door. This game will keep you on your toes, but will also deliver you with hours of enjoyment, having you come back time-after-time to play another ten hours. I will be witness that the game has forced me to be late to pick-up my wife a lot lately. But I can’t say that I would change anything, I love this installment into the series, exciting me to buy the new game in November!!

Honorable mentions
5. Any sports game.
4. Crysis (Series)
3. Rage
2. Mortal Kombat
1. Left for Dead.

Don’t Agree? Please comment your top ten games you like! Lets compare!

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