Fighting for the dog

Posted: August 6, 2015 in Uncategorized

Today we’re gathered together to determine the custody of Jack and Brandies dog. Jack spent many years taking care of little Toto, but left him behind with his ex-wife Brandy when they were in the middle of a fight. Brandy wants to keep the little man saying that he never cared for the dog like she did. I happen to be one of the lawyers in the case and get to defend Jacks story, I believe he will win.
It was two years ago when the couple split up after finding that Jack was having an affair with her friend, Melissa. She told him to get out of the house, to take all of his stuff and to leave before she put a shotgun slug through his skull. He agreed to leave if she would sign over the custody of the dog, she refused. But as he was about to tie himself to her porch and wait for the day she separated from her choice, she pulled a shotgun on him. She was hostile and was about to pull the trigger, but he left leaving Toto behind.
The court hearing started with the man telling the jury that he got Toto from a church-ran adopting agency that he volunteered his Saturdays to. The whole courtroom awed to. But he went further to tell them that the dog was abused before, he suffered a broken hip but with his help, he was able to walk again shortly after the incident
Jack told me that the dog was barking and growling at Brandy as she pulled him back into the house. Brandy was quick to disagree that fact. She is saying that the dog was barking, but not at her. She told the court that he was barking at him because he was about to hit her. This won the vote in the court room, there is something about a woman being hit that doesn’t sit well with the old jury members of the court. Seeing that this was working, she then told everyone that he was abusing the dog and that’s why she didn’t feel it was fit for him to be the caretaker of the dog.
I tried my hardest to fight the accusations, but they were to powerful. I tried to tell them that he couldn’t of beat the little Weiner dog because he was too small for the 6’4 gentleman, but her attorney fired back with the fact that he could have kicked the poor pup. That got more attention from the jury as they were about to jump over the railing and kick this man. Lets say that what happened next was not in my will.
I lost the battle for this man, and as the woman was taking the dog outside of the court room, the man asking for the dog ran up to her. He started to scream at her, screaming nasty words in her face. He had called her a thousand names, none that could be repeated in church. But as he was being pulled away by the guards, he broke the grasp, and kicked the little dog. I wanted to scream field goal as the dog was lifted from the ground and hit the wall, right above the broken clock. The jury went nuts.
They got over the railing as if they were in hockey or in a burning movie theatre. Funny thing that I say that, because I am sure that is where this man wants to be right now. He was beating by nearly fifteen canes and twenty purses, even the judge got his hands on him, slapping him in the face with the bible. I snuck out the back of the courthouse but as I went out the door, the man yelled as someone released the dog that he just kicked back on him, the dog bit down pretty hard on his crotch and would let go. He screamed loud as I ran to my car, even to this day, I can hear that bloody scream. I feel bad, but the man kicked a dog, the bastard deserved it!

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