Fire in my house!

Posted: August 5, 2015 in Uncategorized

I have always wanted to go to Georgia, Atlanta would be desired if I could. But in 1864 that wasn’t the case. People were praying that they could leave their homes, almost as much as New York residents did in 2001. If you don’t quite know what happened, then your shit out of luck, read a book! This is a blog not a history class.
But since you were so nice to ask here is the story: During the Civil war General William T. Sherman orders for the destruction of Atlanta before he embarked on his March of the Sea. He sent most of his troops to Nashville where the rest headed to Atlanta. This was to stop the confederates from recovering after the Yankees abandoned it. This ruined what has been estimated at 40% of the city. In a letter to his brother, Lt. Col. Charles Fessenden told him that the city was a “Magnificent and awful spectacle.” He then told his brother, Robert “The flames were shooting hundreds of feet in the air.” What a hot mess!
Now lets take a few minutes and put our self in this horrible incident. I couldn’t imagine losing everything I have worked for in a fire. I have had a few bad fires in my past, where I lost belongings, but it was never bad for me. I was too young to think of the struggles of how that would affect me. But if it were now, I would have to start over from everything. I would lose my home and everything that I have nearly killed myself to earn.
If I saw flames inside my house, the first thing that I would do is pull out my willy and try to put it out. After scorching my pee-pee, I would try to run out a window. Rethinking that since I would be on the second level of my house, I would need to decide fast. Eventually through all of the stress, I would run through the flame, I understand that it would burn me, but jumping out of my window would hurt, and would cut me. That would hurt………
After running through the flame, and falling into molten lava like ashes, I would run down the stairs, but this would become a problem when the stairs fall through. My foot would be stuck within the foundation of the house. My crouch would be on fire, literally well there goes my chances of having a son. I would probably have no will power to move on, so I would call out for help. No one would answer, why did I have to turn on my radio, I am screwed. This city isn’t where I wanted to die in.
I pushed myself out of the hole in the stairs and ran for the door. The gas from the flames is suffocating me, but I wont stop believing. I have been strong for so long, there is nothing in this world that will stop me. Well maybe a dead teddy bear, not even that! I am an over comer. I am Blake, the flaming retard. Hold on that’s not right. I mean like I am fireproof, not retarded….God…..Children are watching! Sorry!
Through all of this, I took what I found in fallout and applied it to my life. This made it possible for me to make it. I made it out of the city, but as I walked over the city limits, a fire truck hit me. I died, I died, I died! Well like a partial coma, ah I’m out!

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