“No Greater Love.”

Posted: August 2, 2015 in Uncategorized

When I first started to write “The Christmas Without A Dad.” I was planning on making it a short story, but as I wrote each page of the story it became a novel, named “No Greater Love”. I believed this was going to be the number one novel in the market to this day. It is a must read for anyone that loves romantic and heart wrenching stories.
The whole story follows a man named Jake, as he spends his eighteenth Christmas missing the one that he loved, his father. On his ride home from work Jakes father had to stop for a few gallons of gas. But as he began to pump his gas, the sirens to the convince store went off. Jakes father, Brian was shot by the robber. Jake was notified moments after Christmas started.
His fiance was coming over for the first time on Christmas, but she was confused when Jake was crying. She tried to get him to talk, but there was no response. In order to find out what happened, she had to ask his mother, which also was in a torn mood. When she found out she was devastated.
This story will then take flashback to a week before the accident, Jake took her to a open mic night and sung her a song that touched her heart. It was about the father that she never knew. He told her that it was never over, and that the only man she needed was him. With the sunsetting that same night, Jake purposed to Jill on the beach, using the volleyball net and a romantic walk to seal the “Yes.”
When this story begins, you will think that it could be better or that it rushes into things to fast, but with that much needed flashback, you will get the details to what happened that week leading up to his fathers death, and how it was mostly Jakes fault that he died.
As Jake coped with his fathers death, he started to go back to church. Jake participated in the music ministry and had missed almost three months due to the funeral and his anger towards God, but he asked for forgiveness and went back to church.
But as Jake began to get back into his faith as he previously was, he noticed a man that he had seen on the news. This man would come into the church very late at nights and would leave early during the services. Jake was determined to make this man his friend. And one day before this man slipped out of the sanctuary, Jake met him in the greeting room, and asked him to hang out. The man said no at first but then agreed later, but he couldn’t be seen in public.
As the story wraps up, this stranger tells something to Jake that has him in a tough situation. This man had done something to Jake that he said that he would never forgive. Now with the cards on the table, Jake has to decide to show this man the Love of Christ, and Forgive or to do what he has been dreaming of for a long-time and get even. Will Jake choose to go down the least traveled road and show this man “The Greater Love?”

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