Upcoming Changes.

Posted: August 1, 2015 in Uncategorized

I am almost a quarter way through this writing challenge that I put before myself. It has been amazing to see that I can stretch myself the way that I have, literally challenging myself to do things that I didn’t know I could do. Post the most serious blogs to turn around and give you guys the funniest pick-up lines ever. But with the amount of growing I am going through, as a writer, I need to push myself further than before. This is where the new writing roster comes in.
I have been doing a lot of planning to prepare for this change, now it is time to act on all of the planning that I have been doing. This means that starting in the next few weeks, I will be challenging myself further than before to post new content. This could include the following: Reviews, Stories, Books, Songs, gameplay, mainly anything. As the time comes closer there will be an official roster that will be posted.
Each segment from the roster will be entered into a cup and I will pull one out each day, this will indicate what the next blog will be like. Lets say that today I pulled a piece of paper that said “Draw,” that would mean that the next day I would draw you guys a picture and write something about the drawing. This will help to make sure that the blog stays fully impromptu, the only reason I started this blog was to be random, something most blogs won’t do, so if this helps then it will have to be like this.
Most will ask me why I want to change the blog now. The answer is simple, I am getting tired of the same kind of post. I posted a blog a few weeks ago, talking solely on how I have been having troubles keeping up, and how I feel most of my post are copies of previous ones. I know this isn’t the truth, but I think doing something like this will help fulfill the meaning behind “Impromtdude” that is spelt wrong for a reason, but still means “Randomdude.”
The new roster will be officially posted on August 7th and will begin on the 21st of August. This will give me time to write a few post and see how I like it, if I see that you guys don’t like it, we will try something different. But I have faith that you guys will have a fun time with this type of a blog. Also when I finish the list, I will add full-on descriptions of each segment on the new page titled “Segments.” There you will be able to see what to expect from each post. I hope you guys will like this, and that you will support my page through the change!

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